Solar Struggle is Available on the Little Indie platform
Company: Z-Software
Dortmund, Germany (March 29, 2012): z-software would like to inform you that the PC version of the independent game Solar Struggle is released TODAY! The game will be available on the LittleIndie platform with a discount of 25% on the original price of €6.95 till March 30th, 2012, 00:00 CET. So the game will cost only €5.19 for this limited time.

Original game features:

- Thrilling story in 11 missions
- Challenging skirmish mode - beat wave after wave of enemies, customize your ship and unlock new ship classes with more firepower
- Simplified 2D gameplay in a 3D world
- High-definition graphics
- 9 different, playable ship classes
- 36 awards to be unlocked only by the highest skilled players

It took some time to port the game from the original XBOX 360 platform onto the PC. We didn’t want to simply push the game onto the PC platform, but deliver a fully working, PC-optimized version of the game. So these are a few points we’ve changed for the PC version:

- Fully customizable keyboard controls
- Mouse-optimized game menus
- New graphics style
- Higher resolution textures
- Free choice of display resolution
- Integration of the LittleIndie online platform

The development of Solar Struggle began in 2008 by hobby game developer Sascha Kemper. In 2009, after a display of the game at the newcomer area on the German G.A.M.E. association booth at the Games Convention in Leipzig, z-software took care of the project. In 2010, the involvement of Z-Software helped the game to reach our own high-set quality mark for a release on the XBOX Live Indie Games platform. For 400 Microsoft Points, the game was one of the highest in quality and largest in scale ever released on XBOX Live Indie Games. In August 2010, during the gamescom in cologne, the game was finally published on the XBOX Marketplace. It was showed at the public booth of our partner redspotgames, where interested gamers from all over the world could get a glimpse at the game.

In the following months, z-software worked on a spin-off of Solar Struggle, named Solar Struggle: Survival. It released in January, 2011, for 80 Microsoft Points on XBLIG. It featured an evolved version of the original skirmish mode of Solar Struggle, but without the 11 missions-long main storyline.
Now, after nearly two years of being busy with other projects, z-software recently release the original Solar Struggle game for the PC platform today. It will be exclusively launched at the LittleIndie game distribution platform.

You can find the teaser on Youtube:
Solar Struggle @ XBLIG Marketplace:
Solar Struggle: Survival @ XBLIG Marketplace:

Some quotes from your colleagues:

"It oozes polish and the effects are like nothing else on Xbox Live Indie Games.",

"the quality of the game is through the roof"

"The visuals are well above par, the gameplay is intuitive and fun, and Awards introduce a competitive element much more impressive than mere leaderboards."

Additional Information about involved parties

About z-software
z-software was founded as Z-Software GmbH in 2008 after being a hobby game development team for a long time. PC titles like Doxan, Handball Simulator 2010 and Emergency Car Simulator 2012 as well as console titles like Solar Struggle and Fruitbash have been released in the last years. Their offices are located near the University of Technology in the technology park of Dortmund, Germany.


About LittleIndie
LittleIndie is an online game distribution platform founded in 2011. It is distributing indie games exclusively. LittleIndie is based on the distribution system Jade:DS by MediaGuild UG, which delivers online content through a small and resource friendly client application. Other features of the platform are achievements, leaderboards and storage for save games, all saved online in the LittleIndie cloud.