4Story MMO arrives on Mobiusonline
(Manila, Philippines, May 16, 2011) – Already available in over sixteen countries, Zemi Interactive’s popular free-to-play fantasy MMORPG is finally coming to the Philippines in cooperation with Mobiusonline (www.mobiusonline.net) the leading online games portal in Southeast Asia with over 1,000 titles.

4Story is a medieval tale of magic and swordplay set in a fictional continent ravaged by war. Players can choose which kingdom they wish side with, conquer territory in the game’s unique huge-scale multiplayer battles or go questing with friends for personal fame and fortune. The game features lush 3D environments and vibrant artwork. With three races, six classes and hundreds of skills to choose from, gamers will have a plethora of options to personalize their in-game avatars and enjoy hundreds of hours of fun.

Zemi Interactive, developer of 4Story, is a Korea-based MMO company and makers of other stellar titles such as Dragon Gem and Travia Online. To learn more about 4Story, visit the official website: http://4story.mobiusgames.net/.


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Established in 2003, Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme), is a veteran online games publisher and game service provider to the global computer games industry. Under the brand name Mobius (www.mobiusgames.net), dme pioneered the Southeast Asian online game industry by architecting the leading Philippine peering exchange for online games, launching the first free-to-play/item-based games in the region, and creating unique and innovative premium services seamlessly integrated within a proprietary digital media platform and payment system (www.mobiusonline.net) used by over 12 million registered users. dme’s outsourcing division provides game consulting and support services to some of the world’s largest global entertainment, technology, and retailing companies including Disney, Dreamworks, Dolby Laboratories, Nexon, NHN, and Build-a-Bear Workshop. For more information, visit the website www.dmii.net or e-mail: info@dmii.net.
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