Harvest Moon: A New Beginning European release date, boxart and trailer revealed!
Company: Zen United
Tunbridge Wells (Wednesday, 28th August 2013) MAQL Europe, the European division of Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL, is pleased to announce that Harvest Moon®: A New Beginning for Nintendo 3DS™ will be released across Europe on Friday, September 20th 2013.

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary in Europe, Harvest Moon is gaming’s best-loved farming series having sold well over 1 million copies in Europe alone.

The first fully 3D Harvest Moon to be designed specifically for Nintendo 3DS, it represents the most customizable entry in the series to date.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning brings idyllic farm life to 3DS - where you can shape the world around you, just how you want it!

· Choose between a boy and girl – now with more customization options than ever before.
· One hundred different costumes and items with which to style your perfect character.
· Work on your farm to grow flowers and vegetables and take care of your animals.
· Rearrange and design your farm with a super-simple pick-up-and-drop system.
· Expanded world with exciting locations to explore, from tropical islands to ancient ruins.
· Find romance with a choice of love interests. Get married and start a family!

Bigger better and more refined, A New Beginning is the ultimate Harvest Moon experience.

The Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Trailer can be found here: http://youtu.be/DqRTTLk4HHg

Harvest Moon: A New beginning is scheduled for release on Friday September the 20th 2013. Distribution, PR and marketing are being handled by MAQL Europe’s partner, Zen United.

For more information on the forthcoming Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, please contact:

info@zen-united.biz, visit the website at www.harvestmoonworld.com

Or join the Official European Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Community!

The Harvest Moon Hama Bead Pre-Order can be bought from GAME here: http://tinyurl.com/q3myvab

About MarvelousAQL
MarvelousAQL, Inc. (Public, TYO:7844) is a leading publisher and developer of console, social and mobile games, known for titles such as No More Heroes, Harvest Moon and Little King’s Story. The company was created as a result of a 2011 merger between publishers Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive and mobile/ social developer Liveware.

With over 400 employees, 17.6B JPY revenue in FY2012, and offices in Japan, Europe and the United States, MarvelousAQL is now actively seeking developing and publishing partners for the next generation of online and mobile games.

About Zen United
Zen United is a consortium of Japanese and Asian game developers targeting European Markets. Zen United provide international business development and 'culturisation' (localisation + naturalisation) services to independent, high quality, long-standing studios to establish foundations for European business and a pipeline to collect feedback from European markets.

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