The new game from the million selling Moto Racing-brand, Snow Moto Racing 3D is out in the European eShop right now!
Company: Zordix AB
Join in on the fun in a game set in beautiful snow filled mountains, frozen rivers and specially built stadiums while straddling powerful snowmobiles. Do fantastic stunts with a hands on stunt system that will set you in control of what stunt, how long- and where you do them. A single player mode filled with challenging tournaments and a rewarding medal system that takes you from newbie to champion. Challenge your friends and foes in action filled local multiplayer mode with no unlocking required. Compete for Honor, winnings, bragging rights and hours of fun.

“Created from the ground up with the typical Moto Racing-brand quality feeling, we have prepared a game with tight controls, 36 completely new courses and a Cup full of fun!” - Matti Larsson CEO and Creative Director, Zordix.

Opening offer:
The game is released with an opening offer that sets the price to 5.99 for the first two weeks in the eShop.

Take a ride on the wild side of winter!
· Dynamic simulation of snow and ice
· Enjoy an epic career with 12 championships
· 36 Courses across beautiful winter Landscapes
· Free form stunts setting player in total control.
· Collect race bonuses to buy new snowmobiles
· 10 Ranks to level Up
· 12 different snowmobiles
· 25 Achievements
· Local Multiplayer
· StreetPass Records

Info on Zordix
Zordix is an independent game developer and publisher, with years of experience and a quality portfolio of brands aimed mainly for the Nintendo Platforms. The Company manages future and existing brands, among them the million selling Moto Racing series, and is always working on finding new markets and partnerships. The founder and CEO, Matti Larsson, is a game business veteran in different management roles since the mid-90s.
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