Valet Parking 1989™ Is Finally Coming Home!
Company: Zordix AB
Zordix AB today announces the North American release of Valet Parking 1989TM on the Nintendo DSiWareTM service.

Valet Parking 1989 is a game set in a neon lit city where you park cars for a living, trying to please both celebrity guests and an evil boss to make enough money to buy your dream car.

The game has two main modes of play, an old-style endless play mode where you simply play until you’re dead to beat your own high-scores and a Hollywood teen movie story mode. In this return-to-basics game you can relive the old, classic gaming days of the past.

Gameplay is a unique and enticing blend of time management, strategy and map knowledge. Skill based driving with Hollywood style steering and Hollywood style screeching tires demands both concentration and good stress management while still being fun enough to play around with.

Adam Riley at Cubed3 writes:

“Valet Parking 1989 is one of those hidden gems on the Nintendo DSiWare download service that may get overlooked because of its retrospective visual style, but with any luck people will give it a chance so that they can taste what is a delightful little title that captures the essence of what made Nintendo’s Game & Watch series so enjoyable - clear-cut, simple fun.”


Park and return cars to patience impaired guests.

One evil bossman!

Intense and stressful gameplay

Set in a neon lit California 1989, or something like it.

Two modes of play, endless play and a teen movie story mode.

Shoulder pads galore

30 characters that you may or may not (n)ever have heard of.

Mullets, mullets everywhere!

15 songs (quite but not like, anything you heard before)

Two words, handcuffs and ice-cream

15 cars all with Hollywood style steering and Hollywood style screeching tires.

Never ending play, with or without a story.

A nice ambulance, you will need it!

Ignite the dream! Put the pedal to the metal!