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Date Name
17/02/06 Commandos Strike Force Demo 638.01MB
(N/A) Two playable levels.
26/01/06 Crashday Demo 309.45MB
(N/A) The demo contains two different play modes, two ve..
09/01/06 Cyber Wars Demo 14.04MB
(N/A) For the full game, visit their website.
09/01/06 Core Defender Demo 8.48MB
(N/A) For the full version with all 75 levels, check the..
06/01/06 Chicken Little Demo 157.92MB
(N/A) One Little Chicken, one big video game adventure
05/01/06 Championship Manager 2006 Beta Demo 57.03MB
(N/A) The game features a brand new Gameplan 3D match en..
28/11/05 Cutetrix Demo 2.43MB
(N/A) For the full version check their website
23/11/05 Civilization 4 Demo 314.27MB
(N/A) The demo offers four civilizations (Romans, Greeks..
07/11/05 Checkers Ultimate Demo 11.68MB
(N/A) Tired of wimpy Checkers games that produce nothing..
26/10/05 Cold War Demo #2 387.96MB
(N/A) The second "Cold War" demo features two challengin..
20/10/05 CustomPlay Golf Updated Demo #2 62.43MB
(N/A) A new demo with multiplayer online play enabled
11/10/05 Cold War Demo 384.66MB
(N/A) Cold War follows the story of a freelance journali..
27/09/05 Charm Tale Demo 14.48MB
(N/A) For the full version visit their website
26/09/05 Call of Duty 2 SP Demo 655.71MB
(N/A) Powered by a proprietary new engine, Call of Duty ..
21/09/05 Charm Solitaire Demo 11.85MB
(N/A) Charm Solitaire is a highly adaptable 60 level gam..
19/09/05 Codename Panzers Phase Two Single-Player Demo #2 517.92MB
(N/A) Allied have won the war in North Africa. Afrika Ko..
16/09/05 Creature Conflict: the Clan Wars German Demo 364.7MB
(N/A) A tutorial and two different maps than the previou..
12/09/05 Cellblock Squadrons v2.1 Demo 17.73MB
(N/A) In this game, as a convicted anti-government rebel..
08/09/05 cBubble Demo 7.76MB
(N/A) For the full version visit their website
06/09/05 Carl The Caveman Demo 18.49MB
(N/A) For the full version visit their website
02/09/05 Ca3D-Engine Updated Demo for Windows 114.11MB
(N/A) This release is mostly a maintenance release. Sign..
23/08/05 CustomPlay Golf Updated Demo 51.12MB
(N/A) It features 3 of the best looking holes from the c..
15/08/05 Caboodle Demo 8.03MB
(N/A) Caboodle is a Next Gen block dropping puzzler! You..
28/07/05 Cloven Crania Meadow Demo v1.05 284.02MB
(N/A) -Registry able version. -Fixed minor problems. -Bu..
26/07/05 Cricket Captain 2005 Demo 47.48MB
(N/A) Cricket Captain 2005 boasts a World Cup every four..
20/07/05 Codename Panzers Phase Two Multiplayer Demo 357.91MB
(N/A) Two maps (Road to Perdition and Factions) playable..
19/07/05 Crystalix Demo 13.34MB
(N/A) In Crystalix, the new game of the action-puzzle ge..
17/07/05 Chessmaster Challenge Demo 8.87MB
(N/A) Master the world's most popular game and discover ..
15/07/05 CodeRED: Alien Arena For Linux 134.44MB
(N/A) his opensourced project based on the Quake II sour..
14/07/05 Crime Puzzle Demo 11.94MB
(N/A) Immerge into the mystery-solving adventure. Travel..
08/07/05 Codename Panzers Phase Two Single-Player Demo 439.88MB
(N/A) The 450 MB demo drops players into the combat boot..
06/07/05 Crazy Classics Demo 34.81MB
(N/A) Race around in fancy racing cars and exciting trac..
25/06/05 Cricket 2005 Demo 283.83MB
(N/A) Cricket 2005 Demo
17/06/05 CodeRED: Martian Chronicles v4.0 127.58MB
(N/A) All CR games are standalone, using a highly modifi..
17/06/05 CodeRED: Battle for Earth v4.0 136.71MB
(N/A) All CR games are standalone, using a highly modifi..
10/06/05 Chaos League: Sudden Death English Demo 344.21MB
(N/A) The demo features two races, the Humans and a new ..
10/06/05 Chaos League: Sudden Death French Demo 328.4MB
(N/A) Chaos League: Sudden Death will add three new race..
09/06/05 Ca3D-Engine Demo for Windows 112.54MB
(N/A) The Ca3DE demo packages currently come with implem..
08/06/05 Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys Demo v2.0 12.27MB
(N/A) Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys Demo v2.0
01/06/05 Civil War: Bull Run Demo 91.52MB
(N/A) This demo consists of the first tutorial where the..
27/05/05 CodeRED Alien Arena v4.0 134.85MB
(N/A) 1. All Out Assault mode 2. New CTF maps added 3...
27/05/05 Cellblock Squadrons v2.0 Demo 17.72MB
(N/A) It features three new missions, and the chance to ..
24/05/05 Cross Racing Championship 2005 Final Demo 121.88MB
(N/A) The demo includes two single and two multiplayer m..
17/05/05 Cloven Crania Meadow Demo 283.97MB
(N/A) Cloven Crania Meadow is a fantasy RTS where you ar..
12/05/05 CustomPlay Golf Demo 62.43MB
(N/A) The first golf game to focus on the player creatin..
12/05/05 Cupid's Match Up Demo 3.81MB
(N/A) Look for a boy and a girl who wear the same type o..
27/04/05 Chariots of War Demo 91.33MB
(N/A) Set in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, Chariots of ..
25/04/05 Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars English Demo 476.49MB
(N/A) Two battles taking place in 1805 and 1809 A skir..
06/04/05 Country Justice: Revenge of the Rednecks Demo 247.43MB
(N/A) The demo can be played for 60 minutes and includes..
06/04/05 Clash N Slash v1.11 Demo 5.19MB
(N/A) The registered version of the game features unrest..