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Date Name
19/12/02 FIM Speedway Grand Prix Polish Demo 102.07MB
08/11/02 Far West 61.56MB
(N/A) Far West Demo, offering the tutorial and the first..
28/10/02 Fetish Fighters 45MB
18/10/02 Football Mogul 2003 8.56MB
(N/A) Football Mogul 2003 Demo
06/10/02 FIFA 2003 15.66MB
(N/A) FIFA 2003 Demo.
12/04/02 F1 World Grand Prix 63.02MB
(N/A) F1 World Grand Prix 99 Season Demo
12/04/02 Final Fantasy 8 (Without Movies) 26.92MB
(N/A) Final Fantasy 8 Demo (without movies)
12/04/02 Final Fantasy 8 (With Movies) 66.99MB
(N/A) Final Fantasy 8 Demo (With Movies)
21/03/02 Freedom Force Demo 87.24MB
(N/A) Freedom Force Demo (with Music)