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Date Name
14/11/01 Sim Golf 39.17MB
(N/A) Sid Meier's Sim Golf Demo
26/11/01 Soul Reaver 2 53.6MB
(N/A) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 Demo
12/04/02 Startopia 84.17MB
(N/A) Startopia Demo
09/05/02 Steel Beasts 19.96MB
(N/A) Steel Beasts Demo, includes the M1 tutorial. You c..
10/05/02 Submarine Titans 62.92MB
(N/A) Submarine Titans Demo. Includes two races; the Whi..
10/05/02 Sudden Strike MP Demo 62.86MB
(N/A) Sudden Strike MP Demo. Includes 1 single player mi..
10/05/02 Spider-Man The Movie 175.52MB
(N/A) Spider-Man The Movie Demo
26/06/02 Shogun Total War 95.15MB
(N/A) Shogun Total War Demo
09/08/02 Stronghold Crusader SP Demo 78.97MB
(N/A) Stronghold Crusader SP Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds 69.9MB
(N/A) Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars Starfighter 44.29MB
(N/A) Star Wars Starfighter Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars Force Commander 77.65MB
(N/A) Star Wars Force Commander Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars Battle for Naboo 50.92MB
(N/A) Star Wars Battle for Naboo Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars Rogue Squadron 25.54MB
(N/A) Star Wars Rogue Squadron Demo
21/08/02 Shadows of the Empire 6.62MB
(N/A) Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars Racer 16.25MB
(N/A) Star Wars Episode One: Racer Demo
21/08/02 Sam and Max Demo 1.08MB
(N/A) Sam and Max Demo
21/08/02 Star Wars The Phantom Menace 33.64MB
(N/A) Star Wars The Phantom Menace Demo
28/09/02 Speed Challenge Demo 41.92MB
(N/A) Speed Challenge Demo (aka J. Villeneuve Racing Vis..
08/10/02 ShadowFlare Pre-Scenario 74.49MB
18/10/02 Sammy Suricate v1.4 8.76MB
(N/A) Sammy Surricate v1.4 Demo
07/11/02 Stronghold Crusader MP Demo 88.08MB
(N/A) Stronghold Crusader v1.1 Multiplayer Demo
20/11/02 Search & Rescue 4 71.76MB
21/11/02 Ski Park Manager 2003 16.76MB
(N/A) Ski Park Manager 2003 Demo
20/12/02 Soldiers of Anarchy Demo #2 160.56MB
(N/A) Soldiers of Anarchy Demo #2
11/01/03 Shadow of Memories 172.74MB
(N/A) Shadow of Memories Demo
13/01/03 Scrabble 2003 (Multilingual Demo) 36.04MB
(N/A) Scrabble 2003 (Multilingual Demo)
22/01/03 ShadowFlare Episode 1 87.99MB
(N/A) ShadowFlare Episode 1
28/01/03 Strayfire 8.6MB
08/02/03 Sabotage (alpha) 92.05MB
15/02/03 Splinter Cell Demo #2 160.39MB
(N/A) Splinter Cell Demo #2
05/03/03 Salammbo Multilanguage Demo 60.52MB
(N/A) Salammbo is a 'point & click' adventure game set 3..
28/03/03 Spider-Man 129.13MB
(N/A) Spider-Man Demo
28/04/03 SLAY Slaughter v0.666 Alpha Demo 71.15MB
(N/A) SLAY Slaughter v0.666 Alpha Demo. The demo include..
22/05/03 Smash Up Derby 128.8MB
(N/A) Smash Up Derby Demo, offering two cars & two track..
31/05/03 Swarm 9.2MB
(N/A) Swarm Demo
04/06/03 Space Colony Minigame 10.24MB
(N/A) Space Colony Minigame
22/06/03 Space Station Manager v1.0 3.66MB
(N/A) Space Station Manager v1.0 demo.
26/06/03 Strategic Command 33.62MB
(N/A) Strategic Command Demo v1.07. Download the self ex..
30/06/03 Space Quest 0 v1.04 658.09KB
(N/A) Space Quest 0 v1.04 (Full Game). Space Quest 0: Re..
21/07/03 Shanghai Dragon 275.34MB
(N/A) Shanghai Dragon Demo courtesy of E-Pie.
11/08/03 Star Wraith 3 v1.5 8.76MB
(N/A) Star Wraith 3 v1.5 Demo.
15/08/03 Silent Storm Demo (Russian) 211.05MB
(N/A) Silent Storm Russian Demo, needs some russky skill..
15/08/03 Shattered Galaxy v1.57 Full Install 166.94MB
(N/A) Shattered Galaxy MMORPG client.
22/08/03 Starships Unlimited v3.5 Demo 2.54MB
(N/A) Starships Unlimited v3.5 Demo
30/08/03 SpacePod 24.04MB
(N/A) SpacePod demo
04/09/03 Space Colony 122.43MB
(N/A) Space Colony Demo
05/09/03 Starsky and Hutch 106.6MB
(N/A) Starksy and Hutch playable (North American) demo v..
22/09/03 Space Empires Starfury 59.65MB
(N/A) Space Empires Starfury Demo.
29/09/03 ShaderMark v2.0 37.8MB
(N/A) ShaderMark v2.0 (DirectX 9.0 pixel shader benchmar..