Hawken Map Overview: Front Line (HD)

Front Line is a large city based map that is mostly symmetrical, it offers plenty of diverse areas and unique encounters for every mech class and play style. The map is split evenly down the middle by two competing themes; one identified as Sentium and the other is Prosk.

Reconfigured team bases provide several new entrances and exits, allowing for more flexibility in a team's strategy in objective based gamemodes while turrets provide protection within and without.

Several different routes ensure the Missile Silos and EU Trees will be hotly contested areas for control and domination. The numerous low level walls provide excellent coverage for ground units but can give risky players an element of surprise by air.

The highway section showcases a large presence of verticality while sheltering the lower levels.

While the highway has some excellent sniper positions that target the AA, its exposed nature and the many routes that lead to it pose many dangers that should give would-be snipers pause.

One of those paths to and from the highway are the covered jumppads. Concealed within buildings, they give attacking players an element of surprise against their enemy snipers.

The AA is more accessible than ever on both levels. The lower level is more vulnerable while the upper level, with its many ramps and pathways, makes it a sure point of contention.

The lower level is an attractive yet dangerous location but players may still find themselves themselves fleeing through the concealed tunnel.

Long walkways connect the AA to the sniper battlements on each side, these paths bring long-range and short range players in to guaranteed conflict.

And connecting it all together are winding streets filled with derelict vehicles and destruction, making excellent areas for sneaking up on players from behind or encountering each other in head-on-head fights.
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