World in Flames v1.0.7 Patch
Fixed the problem with only 1 build/oil point being saved in a hex, with the excess simply being thrown away. Now the upper limit to build/oil points that can be saved in a hex is what is specified by the rules.

Added a check for selecting units using the Naval Review Details form to make sure that the selected units can move as a group. For example, the units have to be from the same section box and Subs cannot be moved together with other naval types. Not enforcing this rule when the units were selected had been causing problems when the move was automatically canceled by the program when a destination was chosen: all the units were returned to the same section box, which for some of them was not the box in which they had started. During the Return to Base phases this was especially nasty because it could enable some units to have too many movement points available and others to have too few.

Enabled loading saved games when the extension is lower case ‘gam’ or missing. The latter situation doesn’t actually have the GAM extension missing, but rather the Windows settings were such that the extensions were not part of the displayed file names.

Fixed a problem that caused a fatal error in the supply calculations when a USSR HQ could move into the Baltic States to Claim them.

Added code to check if a militia unit arriving as a reinforcement and needing to use an off-city hex has one available that is not controlled by an enemy major power. Previously, when the only available hex was controlled by an enemy major power, these units would be selectable, but not placeable on the map. This prevented the player from continuing the game. Now if no friendly controlled off-city hex is available, the militia unit is moved to arrive in the following turn.

Added a check for an empty Naval Abort Queue stack so that form can be closed if there are no aborted units to return to base.
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