The Flock Gameplay Teaser Trailer (HD)
The Flock is an asymmetrical multiplayer thriller. You play as the hunter lurking in the shadows, but your goal is to become the prey, which is key to winning the game.

Starting as a Flock in a dark and desolate world, you need to find the coveted Light Artifact. The player who grabs it first, transforms into the Carrier, a fragile, slower and more humanoid creature. The goal of the game is to hold onto the artifact for as long as possible while the other players -- who are Flock -- hunt you down. There's only one thing that can stop them. The Flock can't move while being in the light emitted from the artifact. They have to stand still or they will die in an instant.

More info about the game:
The Flock are a race of large and agile creatures. They have more freedom in their movement and thus can attack the Carrier from all angles. This is important, because the Carrier holds an artifact that emits a huge ray of burning light. Flock need to get close to the Carrier unseen if they want to become the new Carrier or opt to stand still, turn into stone and become invulnerable for the light.

Creating an evident contrast with the rest of the environment, the team has worked hard to make sure the light is easily trackable. The beam of light marks the direction the Carrier is looking. It's your goal as a Flock to predict if the situation at hand will create an opportunity for you to get closer to the Carrier while putting your life at risk. For example, seeing the Carrier get distracted by another Flock might be a good window for the player to use to his/her advantage.
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