STALKER Multi-Patch
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Multi-Patch

This update was built to solve two problems - switching multiplayer game to GSC server and enforcing vertical synchronization for rendering engines.

Only the latest game versions can be updated:
Shadow of Chernobyl - 1.0006
Clear Sky - 1.0010
Call of Pripyat - 1.6.02

1. Switching multiplayer game to GSC server

Because of the declared closure of GameSpy multiplayer game services, we made our own server intended to replace GameSpy
This update is required for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game clients (and servers) to enable establishing connection to a new server.
All CD-Keys issued before are still valid on a new server.
New players' profiles should be created in "Call of Pripyat". Game statistics is not maintained.
Please ask your questions on a technical support forum at or via email mailto://

2. Enforcing vertical synchronization for rendering engines

With the massive spread of AMD Radeon R9 200x series video cards, we began to receive numerous complaints from players with the following symptoms:
* Frequent freezes during play, video card overheating, appearance of smoke.
* Noise similar to electromagnetic interference in headphones or speakers.
* Buzzing and whistling from the graphics card VRM and a power supply.
The higher FPS, the better artifacts reproducibility.

After some research, we come to conclusion that insufficient cooling and/or quality and capacity of VRM and power supply may be the reason.
That graphic cards being incredibly fast can reach hundreds (and even thousands) frames per second on a simple scenes.
This makes a serious load to both graphic card and a whole system as well. It should be designed to cope with any possible load, but can fail because of a poor design, insufficient ventilation or a weak power supply.

This patch address (or rather workaround) the issue by enforcing waiting for a vertical synchronization in a render loop. Thus, the FPS should never go beyond the display frequency. Typically it is 60Hz, though there are advanced gaming models with 120Hz.

Moreover, the patch can be interested for a "green" players, who does not need the highest possible FPS. By limiting the FPS, the whole power consumption is also reduced. Thus, it will become cooler and get a longer life on a battery in case of laptop.
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