Door Kickers Beta Trailer (HD)
No fear, its still the same game, but - as promised - it's got major improvements, over and under the hood. Starting with the new Menu makeup, going through the changed equipment unlocking and Squad Levelup, and getting to the improved tactical options in game, we feel its a much better experience.

Yes, we did say Squad Levelup. Back when we first put the Doctrine Tree out we knew some things didnít really click together, and your feedback confirmed weíre on the same page.
The new system works as follows:
-troopers start with innate, random ability values. In the future, more might be added.
-they levelup based on XP and get a flat set of improvements with each rank. In the future, there will be some player control over trooper improvements.
-the squad levels up via the sum of XP received by ALL troopers
-Squad Levelup unlocks the trooper classes and gains you Doctrine Points to use in the Doctrine tree
-the new mission challenges give extra XP
-oh, yeah, the squad and troopers should all reset with the new version

Speaking of your troopers, you can now quasi-customize them by replacing them with others from the available pool. In the future, you will also be able to completely edit the names and use your custom pictures!
Going into the actual game, you might notice the troopers are much better at following the path and orders sequence and its much easier to predict now what you will see from each waypoint.

You can also have waypoints that interact with objects from a distance, so if you want for example to have a trooper open the door from the side, thatís easy to plan in advance now.

Also, a new and handy auto-go-code is available now, the wait for clear order. Troopers ordered to do so will stay in place until all hostiles have been pacified or left their field of view, and continue afterwards. Its a handy tool, but it will put a half a second delay in your advance, so use it where appropriate only.
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