Blade 9 Client
The 9 Ruin Weapons

Adding an interesting element to the gameplay, much of the focus center on these “Ruins” and all players have a chance to wield them. Ruin weapons drop randomly throughout the entire server and there’s a weapon for each "class" (sword, axe, spear, bow, staff, orb, claws, harp and fan). They are insanely powerful, and players lucky enough to wield one will have their appearance different from the others while also receiving a weapon-specific ultimate skill. Although obtaining a Ruin initially is based on luck, players can actually work together to dethrone a Ruin-user through PVP!

Who needs classes anyway?!

Blade 9 is a unique MMORPG in that there are no “fixed” classes. Instead, a character will be able to wield any and all weapons so long as their attributes (strength/agility/intelligence) fit the requirements. For example, the sword is one of three base weapons (bow and staff the other) to select at the beginning. However, if one decides they want to carry a bow, they would simply need to boost their agility until they fit the weapon’s requirement. On top of all this, all characters have two allowable configurations, which mean they can have two weapon setups on one.

The world revolves around you!

With the ability to enhance, refine and soul link armors/weapons together with different equipment qualities, players have multiple options when setting up their gear. And the same applies for the character itself by distributing Stat points, Meditation points, Accupoints, and Talent Points, each character will be unique to the player.

Additionally, B9 also offers the option to select dungeon-difficulties (solo, group and hard) to balance skill levels until one is ready to transition to the other. Above all the character options, there are also a plethora of daily activities to take part in, as well as, factions and guilds to join!

Fight to the last one!

Blade 9 offers a mixture of ranked modes to quench the thirst of avid PVPers! From standard open-world PVP to Team Arena, B9 also even carries a last-person standing mode. PVP lovers can also take part with their PVE counterparts in slaying world-bosses known as Devils to receive some superb rewards or take down a powerful Ruin-user!

Blade 9 awaits your arrival. Choose a path, discover a new world and become a legend!
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