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Crash Drive 2 is a free-roaming multiplayer stunt racing game. Available on Steam:

Get ready for ridiculously fun free-roaming in this multiplayer stunting game. Whether you're driving a bus, a tank or a monster truck you go your own way and participate in random events. Speed across a huge open world maps equipped with plenty of bizarre terrain to make the race intense. Collect coins, level up your ride, and WIN the offroad race. Crash Drive 2 will drive you mad!

Crash Drive 2 features include:
- Seamless multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay:
- 4 huge open world levels to explore…can you find all secret areas?
- 6 random competitive events: Coin Collect, King of the Crown, Race, Tag, Stunt, Find the Ring
- RPG-inspired car-leveling system
- 5 devastating tanks in a special tank battle game mode. Destroy other tanks and level up your Battle Level!
- 35 unique vehicles to unlock
- Better with friends: Every purchase grants an extra gift copy that you can share with a friend!
- Cross platform multiplayer: No matter which platform(Mac,Linux,Windows,iOS,Android) you play on, you can always play with your friends!

Crash Drive 2 is best played with friends. Because we want you to have the best experience, we’re rewarding every buyer: When purchasing this game an extra Crash drive 2 copy is added to your steam inventory. You can send this to a friend to gift her/him this game for free!
See this guide for instructions on how to do so.

At M2H we love to have freedom while playing games, this is therefore also the very core of Crash Drive 2. You can drive around freely and explore the open world as you will. Find the best areas to score points, discover secret areas and find the shady dealer. To provide you with some challenges there are also random events in which all players can participate if they want. Participating in events allows you to unlock next levels and earn cash you buy new cars. Random events include:

- Coin Collect: Coins fall from the sky: pickup the most valuable coins!
- King of the Crown: Hold the crown for 60 seconds while other players try to steal it from you. Guaranteed adrenaline rushes when 7 players are on your tail trying to crash into you.
- Race: Be the first to finish on different race tracks.
- Tag: Tag the most object by claiming them via stunts. Make sure you score enough points otherwise someone else can steal your tag.
- Stunt: Score the most points in a limited time, if you explore well you’ll discover the best places to stunt.
- Find the Ring: Be the first to pass through a specific ring.

When starting a game of Crash Drive 2 you will be automatically matchmaked while playing. This guarantees populated matches and saving you the hassle of finding an active match. All game “rooms” reserve extra friend slots (10 players per game) so that friends can ALWAYS easily join via the Steam friend join feature.

Whenever an online connection is not available, the game smoothly transitions into a fully playable singleplayer version. Connectivity is never a problem!

Ready for a car RPG leveling system? We’ve gone crazy with the car leveling system!
Every car has four statistics: top speed, nitro, acceleration and grip. By using nitro, you increase this car’s nitro capacity, by driving at top speed you increase your top get the drift? When a car has all of it’s four statistics raised to 10/10, you will gain an overall level which allows you to buy a new car and gains you prestige on the in-game scoreboard and the Steam leaderboard.

Since the tank is such a popular vehicle in the main game modes, we decided to dedicate one entire game mode to it. In CD2: Tank Battles you choose one of five unique tanks and try to dominate the arena. Shoot or bump opponents of this sky arena to score points, extra points are awarded for special achievements such as multi kills, revenge, air shots and so on.
When playing this game mode offline, bots(A.I.) will fill the opponent slots so singleplayer is also fully playable.

Crash Drive 2 originally started as a tablet game. The following features set the steam version apart:
- The steam version does not have advertisements and also no "in-app" purchases
- A big starting cash boost of 200,000 extra cash (would’ve cost over $5 in the original tablet game)
- Optimized for PC, Mac and Linux; better graphics, performance and controller support
- Further fixes and small tweaks to the game
- Steam integration (including friend joining, achievements and leaderboard)
- Includes a free giftable copy of the game to share with a friend
- Cross Platform multiplayer between PC,WEB and Mobile/Tablet
Size: 9.51MB
Downloads: 89
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