Evochron Legacy v1.0208 Demo

- Planet G452 placed in original location for improved quest 3 and 4 support.
- Black hole objects increased in size for improved visibility and relative scaling.
- Double click verification check implemented for exit option in pause/exit menu and respawn menu.
- Transaction fee displayed in hangar menu now reflects half price reduction when station license applies.
- AI ship engagements with capital ships reduced to extend life of capital ships during combat and escort objectives.
- AI ships allowed to go much farther inside gas giants and properly arrive for contracts with waypoints inside gas giants.
- Fixed issue with certain contracts that could be incorrectly completed when a friendly capital ship is destroyed before a required hostile capital ship is destroyed.
- Joining/respawn messages changed to show player name and version number so sector locations are displayed exclusively in player list, nav map (allied), and message log (when enabled server-side).
- When sector masking is set to mode 2 on a server, completed contract details will not be displayed in the message log.
- Dual button input system updated to bypass a single button input when the first of a two button combination is pressed.
- POV/HAT input is now displayed in the configure key/button menu along with regular button inputs.
- Ability to map button + POV/HAT input for individual control functions added.
- X52 Control Profile updated for new control system.
- Minor visual UI changes/fixes.


To accommodate requests for separating single button input control functions from double button input control functions, the all-response system is bypassed when a button is mapped to two functions with one of them also mapped to a second button. All-response is still available if you reverse the mapping order. So for example, if you map button 1 with control function 10 and also buttons 2+1 with control function 11, function 10 will be ignored when you press buttons 2+1. This allows for a full bypass and alternate function for a double button input. If you want to activate both function 10 and function 11 when 2+1 is pressed, simply reverse the mapping order to 1+2 in the configuration menu. This way, the original all-response system is still available for those who want to activate multiple control functions simultaneously and a bypass option is available for those who want two different functions for one button with an alternate second button input option. In short, any primary button will activate a control option (1 and 1+2) and a primary button will submit to a secondary button before activation when the primary is also used in the second slot of a double button combination (1 and 2+1).

The ability to map a button plus a POV/HAT input has also been added. This way, you can use a button as a kind of Alt key for a POV/HAT inputs the same way double button mapping works. You can also reverse the input and use a POV/HAT input as the alternate control function for buttons.
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