Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory v2.03 Patch
******** Bug Fixes ********

- The Win98 Alt-x error fixed (DDRAW error).

- Ju 52 error completely fixed.

- Memory leak fixed. This is at least one if not the major cause for people running out of main memory (error message ~ "Can not alloc 16MB")

- "Next waypoint" crash workaround again :-/

- Bug in runtime optimizers fixed that might have lead to crashes.

- Udet Buoy mission fixed.

- Reduced VRAM usage a bit, this should help 64MB card owners.

- Robustness (technical: Init imagemapfile, delete [] instead of delete, MSVC 8 warnings, Wrong index range fixed)

- Improved debug code (technical: for example Texture fn versus generic fn, Fix to a broken assert, Added assert, added version + build date to crashlog output to be able to differentiate "new" from "old" bugs)

******** Other Improvements for users: ********

- Reactivated Rain. You need to have the worst weather setting to see it. (technical: In the bdg.txt, with RAIN_FACTOR you can in- or decrease the number of "rain threads". 32 is default, 0 is no rain.)

- Minor performance optimizations.

- Separate quality setting for WATER in OPTIONS (mostly for GeForce 4200-4800 users)

- Contrails (Should appear at 16,500 ft and above).

- Player aircraft bullet hit sounds improved.

- "No Spinning Death" - not completely polished yet, but instead of the spinning death camera you get a red screen. You need to activate it via the bdg.txt variable "No_Spinning_Death" to ON. This new effect comes thanks to Buddye

- Improved prop looks at low rpm.

- Use the bdg.txt variable DRAW_MENU_ON_3D_SCREEN to disable the "radio menu". Nice for users using voice input.

- FPS readout colour now same as infoline colour.


- Coords.txt now also contains pitch info.

- Water shimmer reduced, thanks to Mauser at SimHQ

******** Modder Features: ********

- You can now have 16 fresnel files depending on time of day and weather.

- First version of Multiskin means Skinners can get acquainted and already create some of the data.

- Shaders (one can use Shaders instead of textures). This is an extremely powerful technology, for example the Farcry people boast every pixel goes through a shader. However, it is the absolute, bleeding edge of technology for modders ;). Read technique from file. Use one the hardware supports.

- When BoB is minimized, it now uses almost no (CPU etc) resources. Ignores keystrokes.

- AutoTextureChange partly fixed. Works sometimes now :-/. Supports DDS. Looks for new textures when un-minimizing now.

- DISABLE_ALL_2D_ELEMENTS in the bdg.txt is a nice feature for video makers / screenshot makers. Might also be of interest to pure users.
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