SpaceStationSin Demo v1.1
Fixes/General Improvements
Added the option to disable the joystick, and modified the joystick handling - Some joysticks were having issues with the game. These problems should be fixed now.
Swapped astro builder next/previous button locations - The "next" button is now on the right, and the "previous" / "exit" button is now on the left.
Interface mouse button functionality - When assigning a task to an astronaut, you can now right-click directly on the task icons (rather than just the HUD panel) or click on the "Back" (©) button to close the task list.
New game over screen for altitude - In addition to the new HUD warnings (detailed below), a different game over screen is displayed if your station falls out of the sky.
Fixed save-after-load bug - Saving immediately after loading but before entering station view no longer corrupts the save game file.
Better error recovery/read-only handling for the game launcher - Read-only save files are made writable by the game launcher before and after the game starts.
Tourist blockage - The tourist setting himself on fire no longer obstructs astronaut movement.
ESC key quit - The ESC key no longer terminates the game immediately.
Added flashing warnings to the HUD - Whenever astronauts shock themselves or freak out anywhere on the station, the HUD will flash so that you know about it immediately. This should add a better sense of urgency to the game.
Added a delayed game over condition - With the exception of shocking or burning astronauts, you will now have some warning if you are about to lose the game. The HUD will flash faster and faster, and you will hear alert sounds (for altitude) or angry astronauts (for mismanagement).
Added an indication of component on/off status to the HUD - The health bar will darken for components that are not currently in use.
Added Greek letter module designations for multiple instances of the same module - If you have two or more modules of the same type connected to your station, the first module will be designated alpha (ƒ¿); the second, beta (ƒÀ); and the third, gamma (ƒÁ). This allows you to more easily tell your modules apart in component builder and in astronaut task lists.
Added empty rack capability display to the HUD - By selecting an empty rack, you can see what services it provides (power, atmosphere, water, etc.) without having to go to component builder.
Flashing "Alert" button - The informational alert now flashes all the time until dismissed.
Improved AI/simulation - Some of the component and astronaut effects have been tweaked for play balancing. Neglecting one astronaut's needs can drag down that astronaut's other needs, as well as the rest of the crew.
Added the option for English subtitles - Subtitles can be turned on and off in the pause menu.
Added the option for Tool Tips - Help balloons that are activated by "mouse-overs" also turned on and off in the pause menu.
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