Minions of Mirth Demo v1.02 for PC
Patch v1.02
* Added the Shroom model, thanks to Magnus Blikstad of WIT Entertainment.

* Druids can now summon a dual classed Shroomish Pet at level 30.

* Fixed the message on Druid's Master “Inferior” Animal spell line.

* Fixed the giants' spawngroup in Talrim Hills so Jashaut will now spawn.

* Fixed a hole in the terrain in Anidaen Forest

* Single Player worlds are now backed up at load time to a "world.db.good" file

* Rangers now receive mana

* Paladins mana calculations were changed to reflect Presence adjustments

* Monsters no longer have difficulty modifiers in easy mode

* Shaman run buffs no longer stack

* Vendors no longer run out of stock items (this includes crafting vendors)

* Lessened the effect of the Wild Fire spell

* Increased the potency of the Fireball spell

* Increased frequency of spell criticals and spell critical skillups

* Increased Tactics Defense skill ups

* Mana is no longer consumed when target is out of range, out of sight, or when lacking spell components

* Incorrect item stat names no longer cause a single player world not to load

* Pets no longer cast fear spells

* Adjusted swimming

* Fixed issue with some player skill sounds not playing

* Double clicking Destroy Corpse now avoids the confirmation box

* Keallsovfe now only spawns during the day

* Alliances now auto-split loot money

* Scribing from a stack of spell scrolls no longer consumes the whole stack

* Fixed issue with Monk Feign Death skill

* Adjusted weapon skill, dual wield, power wield, and tactics offense skill ups

* Increased buff times on many spells

* Increased the primary level on a Lich Guardian to 57

* Adjusted all Shaman regeneration spells to be much more meaningful, thanks Langor
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