Unreal Tournament 2004 - SAS Mod

This .zip contains version 3.1 and the patch for version 4.0

SAS is a mod for the UT2004 engine. It will attempt to simulate actions by the various SAS units around the world such as the U.K. SAS, Australian SASR and New Zealand NZSAS during various conflicts they have participated in the past, present and possibly future.

Teams are broken down into two sides with the SAS and Opposing Forces. Players will enter a game and choose their team, player model, weaponry and equipment before starting out.

Beta 3.0 features new animations for all player models when they transition from unaim to aim mode, new running, walking and crouching animations. There's also large numbers of tweaks and polishes to existing features such as the Overtime rules for Objective and Sabotage gametypes, new maps such as Raid (OBJ), Indonesia Conflict (SAB), Hotel (OBJ) and Blackhawk (OBJ). A new body armor system so all player models can select a vest or helmet, new sound effects for most of the weapons and a number of bugfixes.

Sabotage pits one team on the defensive protecting multiple targets on a map while another team is on the offensive side whose job it is to destroy those targets in a certain amount of time. TDM is the standard round based play with one life per round, if you are killed you move into ghost cam while the remaining players finish the round. The Objective gametype has either the SAS or OpFor attempting to capture certain locations on the map to win.

SAS utilizes a semi iron-sights/crosshair aiming system where the crosshair will only appear for unaimed mode and when you move to aim the semi iron sights view will appear giving an increase to weapon accuracy.

Players will also have access to equipment such as night vision for maps set at night, bincoulars, frag/flashbang grenades, flashlights and demolitions explosives.
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