Rome: Total War - The Fourth Age: Total War – Forth Eorlinga
The Reunited Kingdom is surrounded by enemies, and even the relationship with their allies, the Rohirrim, is strained – they stand alone against the coming onslaught. In the East the Easterlings have settled the areas around the Sea of Rhûn; but their warriors are restless, desiring the plunder of the fertile lands to the West. The hosts of the Empire of Harad have their sights set on the White City and the southern fiefs of Gondor, and the black-sailed ships of the Corsairs rule the seas. In the northwest the Dunlendings are on the move, finally seeing the day of their revenge approaching, the day when they will take their homeland back from the Rohirrim, the Robbers of the North! And the Men of the Riddermark are mustering their éoreds, and the war-horns of the Mark will once again be sounded in every corner of Middle-earth. Forth Eorlingas!

Forth Eorlingas includes:

* Two new factions playable in the campaign: The Kingdom of Rohan, and The Chiefdom of Dunland, in addition to The Reunited Kingdom, The Empire of Harad, and The Chiefdom of Rhûn.
* An entirely new map incorporating roughly half of western Middle-earth, including Minhiriath, Enedhwaith, Dunland, Drúwaith Iaur (Old Púkel-land), Rohan, the Brown Lands, Emyn Muil, Dagorlad, Gondor, Mordor, Near & Far Harad, Khand, southern Wilderland, and the areas just south of the Sea of Rhûn.
* Over 100 entirely new units spread over the five factions (+ mercenaries). Orcs are recruitable by Dunland, and the Reunited Kingdom starts with one Elven archer unit. This does not include levies and assimilation units.
* Two historical battles: The Battle of the Crossings of Poros, and the Battle of the Cloven Way.
* Around 150 entirely new traits, and 300 new ancillaries (including many new images); plus many tweaks to the triggers and effects of current traits and ancs requested by the community.
* A custom-designed 'area of recruitment' system called MEZoRS, or Middle-earth Zone of Recruitment System. Goes far beyond the standard faction-specific recruitment buildings by creating a system of levies (local troops levied from conquered regions) and three region types: homelands, fiefdoms and outlands which affect such things as public loyalty, happiness and how long it takes to build your tech. trees. Also includes access to 'assimilation units' when you conquer designated 'chief cities' of major subcultural areas.
* Five Wonders: The Stone of Erech, The Ruins of Osgiliath, Edhellond, The Treegarth of Orthanc, and The Argonath; three Unique Cities: Minas Tirith, Helm’s Deep, and Edoras; three Marvels (wonder-like structures): The Sea-ward Tower (Tirith Aear), The White Tree of Gondor, and The Gardens of Ithilien.
* Three Landmarks: The Beacons of Gondor, Barrows, and Fortresses; six new trade resources: gemstones, sheep, fish, ivory, horses, and cattle.
* New Tech Trees: Completely revamped technology trees for all 5 factions including many new building complexes such as Memorials, Wonder Capture buildings, Courts & Gardens, and Places of Mirth as well as faction-specific recruitment complexes.
* City Development: Engage the City development process and gain access to a choice of over 20 Diversification Buildings across the 5 campaign factions. These buildings will powerfully develop your city by way of trade, military strength, naval power, and so forth.
* Regional Buildings: Each subcultural area has its own unique Regional Lore building which gives you access to information about the area, its fertility, the native inhabitants and their stance toward your faction and other useful information to help you know whether to settle, move on or simply dominate the region.
* Many errors corrected including Riddermark Bowmen sword texture, Gondorian roof tiles battlemap texture, error in inability to retain some unit-size-variation units, many missing unit cards now present, many missing building icons now present, large uber AI peasant armies curtailed, 'top 5 factions' CTD eliminated, missing boulder sounds added, and many other minor issues to numerous to list here.
* Many enhancements: sprites added for nearly all units, Menu UI improvement, victory/defeat stills added, event pics now added for all cultures.
* A custom-designed menu interface, featuring original artwork by Anke Eissmann and Peter Xavier Price.
* All new music, featuring artists such as: Justin R. Durban , Jonas Fancony, Simon Daum, Matti Paalanen, Tapani Siirtola, and Matias ‘Amppi’ Puumala.
* New interfaces for all factions.
* 19 loading screens, and 228 loading-screen quotations.
* And much, much more…
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