Quake 4 - Expert Mod v1.2

Expert Mod brings back the Quake 2 XCTF gaming experience, with an offhand grapple, new Weapon Grenade Primer(acts like q2 handgrenades), the old powerups from Expert Q2 like the Mutant Jump, Powershield, and Vampire Artifact. It also is very configurable server side , and includes features like ammo, health and armor regenning , multi firing rails, and tons more. the current version is now Quake 4 1.2 compatible.

Upgraded the code to 1.2 Base code for the sdk.
Added 3 XCTF Powerups, Powershield, Mutant Jump, and Vampire Artifact
Powershield - when active , will reduce damage you take by half
Mutant Jump, Lets you jump at crazy distances
Vampire Artifact, will give you a percentage of damage you deal to your health
Included is a ctf sample map that shows the powerups and xctf items added
Added an XCTF Ammo Mega Pack. Used for non-ammor regen modes.
Fixed Expert weapons Give code, so proper items give with g_inhibitweaps cvar
Capture times shown across screen, and bonuses given for carrier Kills.
Added a way to custom configure settings per map now.
Changed sound effects for the Grenade Primer weapon to distinguish it from the Launcher.
Added the ability to change the amount of rail shots, server side option
Added Armor regenning option via server cvar,
Added the ability to customize what map items load, items, armor, health, powerups, weapons
Added max_health and max_armor server side cvars, which will allow for setting these any way you want.
Added client side option to turn off projectile trails.
Added the ability to load custom entity files per map
Added g_weaponmod server side bitflag to allow weapon mod weapons

Expert mod Package -- delete old versions. This mod requires minimally the 1.3 Version of Quake 4's installer to be installed prior to playing and is not backwards compatible. Install this by decompressing the zip file in quake4's "base" directory, and not q4base, using directory structure. This should create a folder path of expert under quake 4's directories. Be sure to review your folder locations before trying to play.
Size: 17.65MB
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