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Practically everyone has played Risk, and it's simple strategic gameplay has garnered an enormous following. Several PC translations of the game have been attempted over the years, but none come as close to capturing the feel of the board game as Risk 2. Best of all, this version brings many extra options and methods of gameplay to the table so that even experienced players will find interesting new challenges. Players who want to dive right in can play a game of classic Risk against either a variety of computer opponents or against human opposition online. That alone would be worth the price of admission for Risk fans, but the real fun of Risk 2 is its Same Time mode. Here, instead of taking turns building armies and attacking, all players plan their attacks at the same time. Once the big decisions are made the game proceeds to the combat phase, where battles are resolved all at once. Everyone moving at once adds a great deal of challenge to the game and opens up a lot of new strategic options. The game's graphics are spectacular. The world map is rendered well enough in an old-fashioned style, but the real fun begins when players attack or defend a country. When this happens the game zooms smoothly in on the countries involved in the conflict, showing them in a 3-D topographical map view. It's done so well you never tire of watching the animations, but players who do are free to disable the option, just as they can disable any of the other multimedia flourishes that slow down gameplay. --T Byrl BakerPros:Many options and modes of play Same Time game is different and fun Computer opponents are wily, and the game has good multiplayer support Cons: Simplistic compared to hard core strategy war games for the PC
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