Mount & Blade Bandit King - Mercenary v0.1g.2 Mod For Version: .903
The Empire is collapsed and the old nation states of Calradia struggle for dominance.
Play the middle as you carve a kingdom out of the struggles around you. Choose your enemies carefully at first, whittle away at all your rivals, keep them fighting while you help out one or the other to bleed them dry.
Engage in banditry, raze villages, enslave populations, raid caravans or escort them. What you do is up to you, just remember to keep your enemies close.
Conquerable cities and castles, banditry and relation based faction consequences make this an interesting way to play Mount and Blade. There are many ways to win. Do you play the middle, slowly building power and working against whoever is winning, or do you ride in like thunder - conscripting villagers and bringing war? Play the game your way.

Follow no man and make your own fate.

The basis of the mod is that it permits the player to remain neutral, and to 'finish' the game by eliminating all the other kingdoms. There are numerous small and large changes, which I will permit you to discover yourself or you can read the changelist that I am about to include if you are extremely impatient or compusively cannot avoid reading things.

I'll be adding things to it that I always wanted in Mount & Blade such as evil choices with appropriate consequences (conscription, executing prisoners, etc.), lots more faction/relation impacts from siginificant actions (such as gaining favor with all nearby entities when you defeat their enemies, and 'revenge' favor for hunting down city raiders), and cleaning up some awkward things such as the recruitment system and adding more interesting economic mechanisms and village growth/management systems.

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