Mount & Blade Expanded Gameplay II: Illumination v4.41 Mod For Version
Sitting in the Zendar tavern one evening, drinking ale and pondering your life, you notce some farmer gear and an old sword in the chest by the wall. In your hazy mind you imagine what it would be like to leave Zendar and travel the land.. The tavern keeper notices you and says you can have them junk in the chest. You finish your ale, throw him a denar and run outside..

A lot has changed. The Sea Raiders have settled along the shores into the Kingdom of Nords and now face a different menace, the Khergits are clearing the deserts of outlaws and establishing their rule. Riots spark in farmlands around Zendar as peasants, frightened by raids of savages, are unwilling to stay outside the city walls. The Swadians and Vaegir, back to fighting each other for control of the cities and trade routs, have driven out the invading armies of Barbarians, Northeners, Feudal Knights and Water-Carriers, all except one -- the Onyx Brotherhood proved too determined to be exterminated and have instead taken over part of the land, filling their ranks and threatening to take over all of Calradia.

-The aim is a balanced, enjoyable gameplay, a fun alternative to Native.
-A two-tiered game structure, starting in medieval Calradia you are on a quest for eternal life. When you succeed, centuries pass, Caldaria enters the Age of Illumination, gunpowder technology is developed, and all troops and factions have evolved.
-Battle Morale system that quickly reacts to the situation on the battlefield.
-The game is different every time you play. Heroes are equipped with a different set every time you start a new game. Chests can contain great or worthless items. The evolution of Calradia into the Age of Illumination is also determined while you play and is different every time.
-Ten very distinct starting characters, with access to different troops for hire. Varied paths of character development and specialization.
-A game-long quest for immortality, kin, and illumination.
-Completely new system of item stats that serves to further differentiate the characters in gameplay. More than 700 new items, more modifiers enabled on items, modifiers are more relatively significant, thus further increasing item variety.
-Combat abilities that rely on character attributes - Berserk Rage, Sprint, Combat Focus.
-Elaborate character wound/death scheme upon knockout -- wounds that heal with time, permanent death (optional), talismans. Character Score display for when you perish in battle.
-Completely custom equipping of two hireable troop types.
-Trophy items that are gained in battle and can be sold, exchanged for experience, used to train attributes, or gambled for items. Special charm items that protect you from wounds and death, improve combat abilities.
-Completely new faction troops, elite faction troops, unique faction troops available only to particular starting characters. Many new non-faction varied troop types and parties. Varied parties to fight against or alongside, like deserters, scouts, hunters.
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