Fashion Boutique v1.0.5 Demo
Fashion Boutique features 5 different stores of 10 stages each. Handle 12 challenging customer types as they bring the game to life, each with their own demands and quirks. As you progress through the game you will move from city to city and at the same time earn new garments for your wardrobe, which you can use to dress the main character, as you like. At several intervals in the game you’ll be presented with a Dress up mini game, both as a memory challenge, as well as in free play mode. The easy going soundtrack coupled with immersive sounds and voice-overs create a well rounded gaming experience you will be sure to enjoy!

Playing Fashion Boutique is simple but it requires quick reflexes. As customers come in the store, you have to serve them by bringing the items they order, drag them to changing rooms, so they can try their new clothes on and then taking them to the counter so they can pay. A fun twist introduced early in the game is called Upselling and it allows you to get the customer to buy something else as well, using your sales ability. You can win back customers who lose hearts when they are kept waiting using your charisma to flirt with the men and compliment the ladies. To increase your abilities, you can choose how to spend your free time during the weekends when you are not working at the boutique. Those choices will also affect the development of the story, which is presented through gorgeously illustrated comic cut scenes.
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