Quake IV Map Pack #9

How to Install Maps:

Unzip map files into quake 4/q4base/maps
Have fun

Included Maps:

This map is a multiplayer deathmatch map with ten spawn points.

New Memories
This map was designed for a mapping contest and is now released.

Superiority Complex
This level was designed and constructed for use as an entry in the Via/Doom3world.org level design contest.

No Humanity
This map is best for 4-6 players and comes with a new soundtrack.

Fool's Run Remix
If your standards are to have gameplay be primary over aesthetics, this is what is done in this map.
A larger 1v1 map designed for competitive play.

Zero Signal (Beta 2)
In this map you will be pitted against your enemies to fight against the quad damage power up. There are teleporters evenly placed all around the map making it easy for any one person to get to the power up. When you get teleported in you will only have a few seconds to make up your mind on which exit you will take. You can either use another teleporter to quickly escape, use the jump pad and get out, or fight to the death.

Sky Tourney
A nice change of pace from the abundance amount of rusty maps we have been getting in lately. This is .. well ... green. Sky Tourney is meant for a small amount of players and keep the combat close and in your face.

Pro_q4md9 is a modification of the map Camping Grounds which now allows you to do tricks to get to the rail gun.

Rusted Time
Bkt has made this map with an industrial/rusty look to it, thus the name.

Obi-Wan's DM 01
A very small map with only five spawn points. This map is meant for 1v1's and only that.

Blue, blue, and more blue. If you don't like the color blue you might want to stay away from this map as it is everywhere. After you get past all the blue the map can provide for some good action, but nothing we haven't seen already done before.

Pitted in a underground station with plenty of curves to get your hips move'n.

Vented (Final)
This map tries to keep the fast pace action up by allowing you to hide no where with a lot of weapons to dispose of your enemies with.

Never Outgunned Remix
This map is a remake of the Doom III map "Never Outgunned" by swelt.

Here we have another one of Dade's maps littered with blue but is good for close combat moments.

Rusted Oblivion
Rusted Oblivion gives your wide open arena with a little bit of Z axis shooting

Your tossed into a cel-shaded industrial outskirt environment in this map with plenty of Z-axis shooting going on. Just don't forget, while your looking up, to pay attention to the rocket coming at you strait on!

Vented (Final)
This map tries to keep the fast pace action up by allowing you to hide no where with a lot of weapons to dispose of your enemies with.

A dark Cavern on the planet Krater lined with ancient ruins and future technologies. Find the secret relic of the ancients to gain an advantage in combat. Supply Stations have been built to supply soldiers in the battlefield.

Kats Basket
At just under 15MB is contains a lot of custom content including a new jump pad and weapon marker, as well as a usable 'lava' texture, all of which can be used by other mappers/modders (as with everything on site pretty much!), it's been a long four months of development.

Started as a quick map, did the layout in a day and used another day or two to texture and detail it, and realized that the map was kinda nice so spent some more time on it to make it really good. Item placement have been changed alot. The map is very well tested and is exelent for one vs one, very balanced item placement. It feels a little different from the other quake4 maps and is very fun to play.
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