WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #7

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQDawn of warW40KDataScenariosMP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:

6-Player Maps

Canyons Of Oblivion
There are 3 crits, 4 relics, 6 slags, and 20 strategic points. Different types of cover have been placed strategically all over the map to make battles
and strategies evolve in a completely unpredictable and complex manner. The map was ideally designed for a standard 3v3 game with any kind of win
condition but it could also work(if the players are spaced properly) just as well with 1v1 and 2v2.

Temple Of Change
Risen from tombs forged to hold them and thrown once more into battle. Few can understand the whimsical nature of the Lord of Change, or his sick
fantacies. Make war, and pray for release.

You may or may not know that this map is inspired by Dune, a unique and original science fiction universe. Arrakis is a dry, desolate world and is
extremely important to the Empire of Man. Here, the spice melange, a mysterious red powder used in many interesting things, most importantly in foldspace engines on spacecraft, is harvested from the desert surface. This world is a ruthless wasteland inhabited by nomadic "savages" called Freemen and the Great Worms which attack any rythmic vibrations. Of course this map does not feature Worms and no Fremen are present. The map is bissected by two large sietches (Fremen cave fortresses) containing power reserves and relics. These sietches are only accessible to infantry. Only a small gap between these sietches in the center allows vehicles to pass to the other side. As on Arrakis, many small infantry passages allow the sneaky individual to assault enemy bases from unexpected directions, allowing for interesting surprises not seen before. That's all I have for an explanation and most definantly it is quite enough!

Imperial Starport
"The Imperium constructed many small starports in the dense Gomorrahn jungles. When the Horde of Ghazghkull Thraka " swept through the sector, many became contested. He who controls this starport controls his supply lines. He who controls his supply lines, wins the war."
This map contains a well defended and defensible starport containing two relics and a critical location, sandwiched between two rivers. Two teams of three must vie for the centre, which affords whoever holds it in its entirity excellent defensive cover and firing arcs. The bridges force both teams to fight in and through the center. Holding only half of the walled enclosure makes it more vulnerable. can not holding it at all. Designed for 3v3 teamplay.

Shores of Incurro
Under attack constantly be the ferocious orks The Shores of Incurro is a devestated coast line. It is littered with the souls of the imperial and ork warriors who fought over this important coast.

Urban Hell (1.0)
This map is a city battle at night for 3 vs. 3 teams. Though it can also be played 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2.

Valley of Emperors
This 3vs3 map was inspired by the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Gates Of Chaos
This city was once part of the great imperial empire. the city was overwelmed by the forces of chaos, the chaos layed waste to the city and called it
their own. months after the city fell unspeakable evil has been brewing.
This map is best played as 3v3 with resource sharing on or off, Best game type Annihilate/Take and Hold, Great for Quick-start and standard game play.

Stalingrad (1.9)
Stalingrad is a 6 player map designed for 3v3 games and is best played as such, although free for all games or 2v2 is still possible.

Jungle Assault (Special Edition)
Installation Note
Unpack all files into Dawn of War installation directory I.e. D:Dawn of War - All subdirectories are included in Zip File.
The map has 3 different terrains to get from one side to the other. On left side you have a relatively straight way to your direct opponent.
On right side there are many small paths up and down the hill. In middle is a broad way craters and more space for vehicles. 4 players start in the
edges of the map, 2 on mountains. The players which start on the mountains are relatively good protected in begin of game, but they have to support their allays and to go down for more resources. Teamplay is essential!

8-Player Maps

Galvin's Wagnis
This map was created by a THQ employee who grew tired of straight annihlation all the time. This map works terrific for annihlate, but is designed for
Take & Hold.

Deltaria 4 is a small planet that containing a lot of resources which may be used to build new fantastic weapons. This may help a lot the Emperor and
his space marines in this Endless war. However the colony standing in Deltaria has recently been attacked and ravaged by Orcs, and now it is time to face all kind of enemy that would like to steal these resources from the Imperium. The Old Ruined castle hold the only place to take, to show the enemy you won't let them come back... Face the shadow and the death in the destroyed center town, use the cover and the building to hide from enemy fire, or use wisely of courage and honor in the round jungle, standing all around the city and stick in the tree to avoid the raging bullets...
Designed for take and hold style, there is a lot of cover to manage.

Kasyr Luiten (1.2)
This map is based on kasyr luiten (6) but now caters for 8 players. Completely rebuilt the scenery for a greater 4vs4 experience.

City Under Siege (0.2)
This is a remake of the old city under seige map.

Big Game Hunters
Big Game Hunters - a classic RTS map design, suitable for players of all skill levels! Build, conquer, and expand as quickly as possible to reap the slag depots, relics, and critical points in the middle of the map. Be prepared to defend them as well!

Claustrophobia 2
A medium-sized 8 player map set in a completly bombed-out city. Massive shelling ha caused damage to just about every building and therefore you can enter just about every building and house to house fighting will be paramount. Attrition will play a major part because in the centre of the map are two critical locations. What is unique is that they are in WWI-style trenches. If you want to use vehicles, you'll have to go up either flank so they can
have enough space to manouver them. Eve nthen, in can be a tight squeeze.

Arx Haustrum
This map is designed for 8 players on 4 teams. Set it up as follows:
Players 1 and 2 are Team 1, 3&4 Team 2, etc. The team number doesn't really matter, just make sure that all the players are teamed correctly. Another interesting variation is teaming players 1-4 vs. players 5-8.
The teams start in small keeps with two levels and four initial LPs.(Upper levels are even players and all the lowers are odd). There are additional LPs
outside the lower level, and 4 inside each swamp. Each player also gets control of a turret located directly outside the walls to give a castle effect. The upper level players have two turrets guarding the rear entrance from the swamp. One player also gets a small minefield. Due to a possible exploit, it was decided to add the mines in lieu of altering the terrain.
The one relic point is located at the center of the map. This will make tier 3 techs only available to one player at a time and therefore
a highly contested point. There are also 2 slag deposits, located between the center ramps. Not very easy places to defend, but the reward could be worth it. Finally, there are 4 CPs. One between Teams 1&2, another between 3&4. The other two are located in the swamps.

This map also worked with the Nightshift MOD, thus bringing even more fun and excitement to all who play it.

Damn of War: Inept
I dare you to try and beat the computer 3 vs 5 on harder, if you do I want some screenshots! My group has only been able to do it on normal, still took us a couple hours and each had around a thousand kills. Hard would be possible, but its gonna be REAL hard.

Space Marines Coliseum
This is an eight player map. The size is 512X512 and took a few hours to build. This map is better when played with the Total War Mod just because I like big battles and this map has ample space to support bigger armies.

Fort Atlantis
After months of siege, the great walls of Fort Atlantis were finally breached by an unknown number of Chaos forces, without space marine reinforcements, the Imperial Guard were out numbered and swiftly defeated.
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