Supreme Commander Map Pack #4 (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Place the files into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\maps

Included Maps:

4-Player Maps

Elephant Graveyard
A nice 10 x 10 land battle map here, plays well on 4 player FFA or 2 player FFA.

Arty of War
It's a 4 player map.

Dark Destiny
A island group landscape for those navel commanders. Each army well start in there own large island either to the NE, SE, SW, and NW. Each commander starts with 2 mass extraxtres. There are 2 mass extracters the small isalnds to the north, south, east, and to the west. The large island in the center is rich with mass and some hydrocarbon plants. Suround yourself with navel froces and use the navy to take the cenetr island. You can build on some of the small islands(maybe some artillary).
Are you destined to have that rich island or die for it.

The Beltway
The Beltway is a map designed by PainAngel, A geological find of the century really, a map in which frequent meteor strikes have deposited mass, its a 4 player, 10 km by 10 km map.

Its 256x1024 in size and has 4 playable positions. AI markers have been placed on the map for AI play. If you play this with Forged Alliance, be sure to have you World Border turned OFF for the map to display correctly.

Victor Prime (0.1)
Theres 4 big islands and 2 small islands. The 2 islands to the SE and SW look like skulls. Each plyer gets 4 Mass Extracters on there islands. There are 12 more to fight for. Also each plyer gets 1 hydorcarbon PowerPlant, 2 on the small islands(one each).

8-Player Maps

Coastal Seige (1.0)
Coastal seige is as the name suggests a sea-weighted map, which gives the team who is able to gain sea suppeiority a slight advantage. But extensive land battles are also possible and vital.

Destiny (2.0)
Heres a colourful 8 player 20 x 20km map. Its a symetrical island battle map with plenty of inlet streams for added naval strategic use.

Dry Earth Battle (3.0)
A map based on the 'Greater Earth Battle A'World Domination' maps. It has a nice little back story, and it paints a grim picture of our little planets
future. A nice twist on an already great map that gives it a completely different tactical scenario.

Elysion (1.0)
20 x 20 - 8 players. Named after the Island of Eternal Spring (in Greek mythology). Although it is a 20k it will feel a bit cramped in you starting area,
so expansion is the only way to go.

Elysion XL (1.0)
For those of you who like a little more room to stretch your feet, this is the Elysion island map in 40km x 40km form. With 4 times the space, what can you do with it? The resources are well spread out forcing you to expand and fight for territory with turtling a sure fire way to get annihilated.

ForestPlanet FA V2a BETA (V1 Beta)
ForestPlanet FA V2a BETA is a 10x10 map which supports up to 8 players. The map is playable as a 4 player FFA, 2on2, 4on4 and 2v2v2v2. FA AI support is in the map.

Hellgate (1.0)
A vulcan landscape in the middle connects the north and the south through a narrow mountain pass.

Hillage is probobly the smallest 8 player 5k map you would see, but, one of the most fun. The aim here is to create a small, yet very combat heavy 5x5 map.

Outpost 7 (2.0)
A really detailed/ realistic looking map here with a good back story from Optiumus Prime.

Pine Ridge Valley
This map supports up to 8 players, and is 20x20. With limited resourses, expansion is the key to this map, so you can't just build up in one part of the map, and expect to sit it all out. To win, you need to move out of your little safe haven.

Prime Sea
An 40x40 8plyer ice like world with a dark green sky, gray-bule islands, and a gray ice or snow mainland. Its a cybran controled world with 4 cybran
outpost. Two of them near the coast on the mainland and other 2 on 2 islands.

R.Ventura Island
A 40x40 8plyer map with four corner islands and a main island in the center. Each plyer gets 7 mass extractors in its area and one hydrocarbon power
plant. On the main land there are 7 mass extractors to fight for. Three of them are secured by some uef defenses. The four corner islands are not flat
but you can still build on them. Theres lots of trees and rocks. The island was named by its founder Gen. R.Ventura.She was a uef general that die to
protect the island.

Seton's Clutch Mini
This map is a super small version of the popular map, Seton's Clutch, which came with the shipped game. The map is 5 x5 kilometers big. That's 1/16th the size of the original!

Strait Of Sorrows
20x20 - up to 8 players - good for team play.
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