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Included Maps:

African Colony
This map is a homage to Africa, which was colonized by the Portuguese, the English, and the French. In this RMS, you start the game with 5 Musketeers, which can be used for a variety of functions, such as treasure hunting, destroying fort wagons, preventing attacks, and protecting the colony from small attacks.
The map relies upon a great river that can be used to enter enemy territory without detection.

Appalachians is a new random map script created to make a representation of a geographic area not included by ES in the original map set, and to create an interesting, variable map with the possibility of defensive play.

Baja California
This rectangular map represents the long peninsula of Baja California. Rich fishing supplements the basic land resources.

Barrier Ridge
Barrier Ridge is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use.

Battle of Blinden
Some background: In an attempt to encircle British forces in the Ohio valley, the French position a large force to cut off the English supply lines. English reinforcements swiftly come from the colonies, and launch a dual strike with English regulars from the Ohio forts. The English are repulsed, and the reinforcements are crushed by the French reserves. The French corner the English at the edge of Blinden Forest. The English know that if they retreat into the forest, they will encounter a large force of French native allies. The English and French form their lines, and prepare for battle.

Battle of Yellow Creek (Reviewed)
The British have invaded French territory, and are close to their objective of Fort Niagra. The French have responded rapidly, reinforcing Niagra's garrison and intercepting your force at Yellow Creek. You must defeat them swiftly, so that a seige en forme may begin at Niagra.

Big Continent
Big Continent represents an 'unknown' island continent with a wide variety of randomly chosen terrain patterns possible(20 patterns total), each with fauna, treasures, and decorations to fit the theme. The Native Americans also roughly fit the terrain patterns as well. Player starting positions will randomly vary a good bit, especially on 2-player games. The map is fully twice the height and width of Carolinas for a 2 player game, and about 1.9x the size of Carolinas for other player numbers.

Bob the Brave
You command Bob Muroch, and English nobleman from London. You have two party members, Rene, a french turncoat, and a dog, whose name shall not be mentioned.

Caribbean Map
This is a Caribbean Map with narrow land corridor that connects the two main Islands.

Cats and Mice
In this map there are 2 teams. Team 1 is the mice and team2 is the cats. In order for team 2 to win the must kill all of team 1's units. In order for team 1 to win they must stay alive for half an hour. There is native village per player. Each player on team 1 starts with just a settler wagon while each player on team 2 starts with an explorer and a barracks. The barracks can only produce dopplesoldners but they are much stronger than normal ones. Team 1 can only build 4 buildings houses, outposts, walls and trade posts. Houses are important because when they are built they give the mice a 10 second speed boost that can help a lot.

This map has as subject the Brazilian florest. Sufficiently forest, natives and trade posts, formed with few rocks plus these are exelentes to attack the enemy with the mortar, or weapons of long distence, beyond having many natives and trade posts you find a great number of animals and mines of silver and gold.

Conquer the Stronghold
This is a free for all skirmish type scenario, where the French have built a mighty Stronghold around a sacred Inca temple.

French Guyana
An RMS made for the French Guyana, this was colonia of France ties century XIX, when it was for Brazil, but came back toward France.

Gandalf's Giant Random Land Map
This double-sized map represents an 'unknown' land with a wide variety of randomly chosen terrain patterns with random map features, starting positions, and most importantly, fairness to all players.

Gandalf's Isles
A very large map with players starting on separate islands, with multiple scattered extra islands with varied terrains, natives, and starting positions for new and interesting gameplay.

Geronimo's Revenge
This is the first chapter of Geronimo's legacy, and you can now repeat history by leading Geronimo and his warriors to ally with surrounding tribes.

Glacier is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. This is a map best for 2 team play - but FFA play has been enabled.

Hispania (portugal and spain )
Hispania was the given name to union of Iberian ( Portugal and spain ).This is a map inspired by the Crown at their moment of great navigations.

Icefield is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. This is a map best for 2 team play - but FFA play has been enabled.

Mata Atlantic
Random Map Script for AOE3 from jrfla2006.

Mountain Pass
Mountain Pass is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use, only for 2 team play - FFA play will possibly give you a really screwed up start.

New France
Welcome to Frech colony New france.It has mountainss, as well as in the real world, the snow is not intensive, but it snows. The map has a strong illumination, giving the inpression that we are the same in Quebec.

New World Acropolis
New World Acropolis is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. The zip file actually contains 2 maps, including a 'Plus' version described below. Each player starts on a raised hill mostly surrounded by cliffs, for a starting position that is more easily defensible. The start areas are similar to the Acropolis map from AOM if you are familiar with that game, with 2 'ramps' or paths from the clifftop to the base level.

No-Rush Maps
Indestructable wall in center of map prevents rushing.

Ocean War (1.0)
In this map you must kill all of your opponents. To do this you must build a navy kill all of there units. If you get a trade route socket you will get the nearby dock and slowly accumulate wood. There are also fish and whales where you can get food and gold. There is 1 per person plus 5 other islands.

Post Imperial Maps
Post Industrial / Post-Imperial (PI) maps
A set of random map scripts for AOE3 for Post-Industrial, Post-Imperial or Deathmatch play.

Prairie is a new RMS representing the prairie of central North America, or the Great Plains. The appearance of the map is somewhat like the Great Plains map, naturally, but with a number of important differences.

River Crossings
This map has a central river with 1-4 shallow crossings, with defensive play possible using the crossings as choke points or to wall off your side.

River Crossings II
Two random map scripts - larger versions of the River Crossings and River Crossings Plus maps.

River Map
This River Custom Scenario requires good coordination between land and water units.This is a map where most of it is water with some land (it's actually an island).

Roanoke: Mysteries of the Ones
When Eleanore Dare died, Roanoke lost a great hero. Virginia Dare, Eleanore Dare's daughter, took Roanoke over into her control when all others could not. Now Virginia Dare must figure out who Jod The Ugly really is, how and why he is always just a small step ahead of her, or maybe a small step behind. This vast journey through plains, mountains, caves, ice, snow, rain, dirt, mud, oceans and other anomalies. Virginia is caught in a strange plan, with people she does not even know.. and some she does not like.. The great power of many nations will help Virginia Dare take down whatever this strange plan or happening is that is going on.

Sea to Sea
Sea to Sea is a new random map with a central land mass dividing two bodies of water, somewhat like Anatolia or Scandinavia with players starting on opposite shores.

Siege of Fort Niagara (Reviewed)
This scenario depicts the English siege of French-occupied Fort Niagara in 1759.

Snow Dreamer
This map contains much snow, it is based on yukon.It is not a hard map as the Hispania, but its bigger difficulty is the size of the map, forests too is abundant, has many natives and trade posts.

Transcontinental is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. The map starts opponents on opposite shores of a continent, which you must cross to engage the enemy.

In this map you start with an explorer, a barracks, a stable, an artillery foundry and a random bonus building. This could be a Factory, an Arsenal, a Church, a Capitol, or a Fort. You lose when all your buildings die.
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