Far Cry 2 Map Pack #8

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Included Maps:

Point Prospect, the tower that sees all. One year has past, and the APR and the UFLL have moved on from the shrine and into the Spire village, using up resources at every turn. Battling through the harsh jungles of Prospect, they find a massive tower. They knew this was a key location and they had to have it. After weeks of bringing up their supplies, getting at each others throats and burying the fallen (literally), it's now time for the final showdown...
Who will be the victors in this feud?

The Island (v1.0)
The Island The map is, yup, you guessed it, all about life on an island with some baddies thrown in the mix! This is no ordinary piece of land stuck in the middle of the ocean, this island comes with it's very own volcano.

Tower (v1.0)
This map will have you doing everything from running for cover, flying and driving to your destination!

Tropical Thunder
Tropical Thunder has a little something for everyone! No matter if you're a sniper looking for that special long distance sweet shot, or if you prefer the up close and personal touch, this map can accommodate.

Twinpeaks yields a large desert terrain with a gorge in the center, and against the backdrop, making up the twin peaks is a pyramid at each end.

Vantage (v1.0)
Vantage is a medium-sized map split horizontally with different vistas to enjoy and frag in. On the lower side is it is a mix of swamp and desert terrain, depending on the height of the terrain.

WW1 Death rush
This is a WW1 style map for FC2. 4-8 players will get instant action. for 16 players its a field of death. you have to to conquer a deadly nomansland between two mirrored bunkers to get domination. the diamonds are placed for very agressive gameplay.

Mud Gulch (v1.0)
Mud Gulch comes equipped with a simple layout, and the potential for some serious action! There are bases on both sides of the map, which provide for some great sniping if you're into the one-shot-one-kill style of fighting.

Battle of the River
Battle of the River by DeutscheElite is all about getting your feet dirty and your hair wet; This map portrays a mission that is not executed during the most opportune time...the sky has opened up and the setting is that of a dismal day in an African setting.Snipers will have a so-so time trying to make kills, this map is not specifically geared for that particular specialty, but with the choosing of an exceptional spot, it is not impossible. It is very easy to go stealth and move around making kills and moving on.

Revolution! by DeutscheElite centers around a castle and a village, with inhabitants of both living together peacefully. But, as with any two groups where one is more affluent then the other, tensions grew; The villagers became more and more sour and resentful towards their wealthier Castle neighbors. Your skills will be put to the test as wether you find yourself in with the villagers (UFLL) or aligned with the castle dwellers (APR).

MP_Surf 2
mp_Surf 2 has the look and feel of the original Far Cry map, however, this developer took it one step further and added to the detail factor, for the benefit of the new engine. A bonus for this release is that this map supports all of the game modes, and can accommodate up to 16 players for the maximum amount of insanity, although, Deathmonkey7 recommends up to eight players for some good old gaming fun! No matter what your preference is, with the recommended number of players, a good time will be had by all. Get ready for a fragging good time!

Defend the Cabin
The objective of Defend The Cabin is a simple one...and a bit straight forward, be the first to get to the cabin, and defend it against all trespassers!

The Mine (1.0)
The Mine was once a peaceful place, where one could quietly and serenely go about his own business while trying to achieve the dream of dreams! Unfortunately, the conflict between the two factions has reached this peaceful mine, and as with struggles of this nature, there are two sides, and because of this, some joined the UFLL, while others joined up with the APR. ...And so it begins...

The Siege
Allowing multiple-gamemodes to be possible, The Siege has everything a dedicated gamer wants...rooftop firefights, urban warfare, open area clashes...and more!

FirePhoenix Camp Site (v 1.0)
FirePhoenix Camp Site is a dynamic map, which can be played in the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Diamond gamemode; Inside, you will find two towers, one bridge in the center of the map and many stairs to get on top of the walls. Cover will be a big part of this map, and to achieve a much needed break from the hail of bullets, the developer has placed crates and other objects throughout...to keep you from getting to comfortable in FirePhoenix Camp Site, there are also barrels placed around the map, these can be a blessing or a hindrance, depending on whether you're the one doing the shooting, or the one doing the hiding, as these barrels will explode from gunfire.

Sacred Gardens (v1.1)
Sacred Gardens (v1.1) makes for a great setting for you to ply your uber gaming skilz against other Far Cry 2 gamers that will be attempting to give you the same fate. Breaking the eternal silence of this sacred place with screams & gunshots, while painting every surface with blood & death...is what's on the menu for today! And this is exactly what you'll be doing in Sacred Gardens (v1.1). What was once a peaceful serene place is now something totally different...the APR and the UFLL have turned the whole place into a nightmare, constantly trying to control the entire territory and steal each others fortune.

The concept of Temple is to jump down into the water right after taking the flag; The diamonds are fairly close to each other with a 'pool' separating them.

TW Island (1.0)
Once you are on TW Island, you can expect to be constantly under fire, rest and relaxation won't be available here, if you're worried about not having time to do your Yoga sessions, then you may want to consider sitting this one out. If intensity is what you want, then you're in the right place; The APR has infiltrated TW Island and is attacking the UFLL soldiers which belong to the Tactical Warfare Community. Fight TW as APR or defend TW Island as a TW member.

Lumber Land
Lumber Land brings to mind images of Paul Bunyan with his mighty axe falling timber all the live long day, but, that is a fairy tail, and this is...not. This island has many secrets, but not many trees...Many years ago, the lush giant trees that once reached for the sky were plentiful, but these were cut down to build a city for an ancient civilization's god. The APR and the UFLL discovered the island together but there's not enough place for the two factions. One team has to take off now! Help your team to stay by eliminating the enemy.

Carentan is all about reliving the excitement of two great powers coming together in a thunderous clash...each faction fighting for the same thing, supremacy and survival!
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