WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #8

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:

2-Player Maps

Trail of Tears
The forces of Chaos have gained a stronghold on this planet ravaged by meteor showers and volcanic activity. Few have attempted the trek down the Trail of Tears. None have ever returned.

Ghaos Gate
Has SP's,Relics,CP's and a couple SD's.And should support all types of gameplay...even if its not well suited. Maybe best as Annihilate & Take and hold.

City Centre
Players will have to manage space at their disposal wisely. An high detailed map for a quick, intense game.

Battlefield Assault
Set in a battle-scarred valley between a cliff outpost and the remenents of a forest, Battlefield Assault is a medium-sized (256x256) but rather cramped two-player map featuring numberous battlefield details and lots of FX.Plays with all gametypes, although due to its size and lack of relics it will probalby be a short and sharp battle so Annihilation is probably best.

Barthus Slums
Set in the crumbling outskirts of an Imperial city slowly being consumed by the desert, Barthus Slums is a medium-sized (256x256) but rather cramped two-player map featuring a fairly high level of detail. Best played with Take and Hold & Control Area (yes, you can actually win Control Area victories on this one). Building space at the start areas is somewhat limited, so don't spread your base out too much. Gameplay will always focus almost exclusively on infantry; combat starts early and there isn't much room for vehicles to maneuver (no relics, either). In skirmish mode, play against Hard or Harder enemies if you want much of a fight.

Gehenkras Subway
A medium, sized 2 player, jungle/island themed map featuing 1 relic, 1 slag deposite, 1 critical location and a number of stratigic locations sutible for all types of game play.

Aftermath is a 1on1 map. The map is divided in two by a river that runs the length of the map. The river has three crossings, two containing strategic points and the third a relic. Each player has a well fortified starting location on a hill with two exits.

Assault on Cerbia Base (v2)
On a remote jungle world a small garrison of space marines has been attacked by an ork battleforce.
Will the space marines be able to hold out or will they be swept away by the green tide, but beware there may be other forces at work here as well...

Minos Bridge
The bridge crossing the Minos river near its source in the jungles of Armageddom, has seen heavy fighting when feral Orks erupted from the jungle and poured towards Hive Infernus and Cerbera base. The metal roadway of the bridge is bucked and twisted, littered with the burnt-out wreckage of Imperial vehicles and Ork bodies.

VooDoo Island (1.01)
This is a 1on1 scrimmage map that can be played in all modes. A wet little tropical isle filled with ambush spots and places to get killed sits for the taking. A symmetrical island that is divided by a river (negative cover).. with outcroppings of plants to hide in. 2 relics are tucked away and absolutely necessary.

4-Player Maps

Da Big Toof
Two players ( players 1 and 2) start in the walled city. there is 8 strat points in the city, 1 slag and 1 crit point. the other 2 players start out side the city ( to the north and south) with 4 strat points near the bases and 2 inbetween, it makes for a total of 10 strat points outside. there is also a slag out side the city.

Tortuga Valley
Originally an imperial colonization and terraforming project, tortuga was lost during an warpstorm and abandoned - until hyram krieger, a well known pirate in the empires vast galaxies, found the colonization equipment while fleeing an imperial battleship...

Archon IV Remix
Contact with the holy city of Archon IV has been lost. The Imperial Guard garrisons last order was to secure and hold the cathedral 'Semper Fidelis' until reinforcements arrive. Long-range surveillance indicates that they have failed. Can your take AND hold the Semper Fidelis. - Alea iacta est.

Solis (v2)
Solis v2 is a huge map that is geared for 4 players, this map comes complete with many structures so if you see a drop in how your system performs, don't press the panic button.

The Emperors Jungle
This was an unknown place to many men, about 80 imperial guardsmen were stationed here,
the ork's stumbled upon this place, slautered the imperial guard and added these grounds to their ever growing empire.

The Vally
Map 7. This is a fairly restrictive map,rush map, best played as a take and hold map.

Bridge Over River Skeltus UPDATE (2.1)
The map is based upon the battle to take the skeltus in the first armageddon war between the Orks and Mankind. In this battle the objective was for the orks to capture the bridge and for the marines to defend it.

Civik River
Good hunting...

Meat Grinder
A map that force players to slug it out in a controlled space. This is purely a take and hold map.

Da Ork Stomin GroundZ
Dis planet now belongs to da orks! Da orks shoot, smash, n' stomp da other boys her' in da stompin groundz! Map is best played take & hold, but supports all win conditions. Map is best played with all players being orcs, as they have a slight advantage (each team starts with 4 Whaag banners, any race can upgrade but orcs get the Whaaag bonus) on this map. -Fighting Monk.

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