Quake IV Map Pack #10

How to Install Maps:

Unzip map files into quake 4/q4base/maps
Have fun

Included Maps:

Phase 2
Good looking CTF map which could come straight from Unreal Tournament 2004. All the textures are high quality and 3 vs 3 is recommended.

Mash-Up Streets (Beta 5)
Mash-Up Streets is an official promo map of Muggs Mash-Up Radio. Game Type: Tourney, Deathmatch and Team DM.

Territorial Dispute
Territorial Dispute comprises 3 main areas - 1 large arena and 2 split-level atriums that are connected to the arena via a network of tunnels, teleports and launchpads. The central arena is where most of the health powerups are located, which makes it a good location to try and lockdown. That's easier said than done, however, because opponents can appear from any angle.

A spacemap, not really balanced for 1-on-1, but it's playable.

Grinder (4.0)
Grinder is a fast paced 1 vs 1 map for tourney play. Set in an industrial theme, this map provides constant fast-paced gameplay.

Orbit (Beta)
High paced tourney map for Q4.

Infeltraded - DM/TDM/Tourney
Works best with out Q4Max un-modded. Overall it has smooth performance, large areas to battle and small ares all over to camp, + a 200 mega health hiding in a secret room.

Shaze Arena III
The arena has been created for 5-10 people in the same game. It can be used for FFA, Duel, TDM.

Shaze Arena Final
Q4 Tourney Map.
Weapons : Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Railgun, Shotgun, Lighting Gun Powerup : No Good Items : Mega Health Type : Tourney, Dm, TDM Rocket/Circle Jumping Spot

Competitive level with a dark, sci-fi theme. The winner of Doom3World.org/VIA Map Making Competition.

Resurrection - beta 2
This is remix of the map for cpma - ts_pm3. Suitable for 2-3 players.

Pro_q4md9 is a modification of the map Camping Grounds which now allows you to do tricks to get to the rail gun.

Eat My Shotgun
The theme of the map is a insect/hive temple based on a very hot arid planet. Adorning each side of the temple is great guardian statue's which look down upon the battle scared earth of the temple floor.

Kat's Cradle Map
Kat has released "Kat's Cradle", a small DM/tourney map with a unique theme (at least to q4)

Twin Temple
Fast paced deathmatch map ported over to Quake 4 from 5p3c7r4.

Juicy Courtyard Surprise
This build fixes some weapon errors which were apparently present in the previous one.

Fast paced deathmatch made recreated for Quake 4.

Shadow Fall Beta 2
Multiplayer map for Quake 4. Looks quite good, lots of stuff lying around to make for a good match.

Heat (v6)
A remake of "heat" from the old Kilnet LAN Quake 2 days... "HEAT" is a bad place, in which bad things happen. It feels "hot" in places, like the original, and it definately has a gritty and unpleasant atmosphere.

The Base
This map is inspired by the original quake level The Abandoned Base.
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