Supreme Commander Map Pack #5
How to Install Maps:

Place the files into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander\maps

Included Maps:

This would be another plain, desert-related map, and a quite open one at that. Makes for straight play, and no worrying about hills and impassible terrain.

Burned Soils
Another nice desert-looking map.

Closed Fist
There is no water, so no naval units in this one (unless they can walk that is).

Burial Mounds
This is a nice map, with water (and an island) in the middle, with the players stationed around the outside.

Deepwater Pass
A water-based map, obviously with some land.

Lots of Mass
A Map with a fairly strange name.

Global Warming
This map, is what one could see as the future of Earth, should Global Warming become a very big problem. In that respect, a lot of water, and little land. A nice idea, and this should make for an interesting game.

A new map based originally on the sludge's map. All was redone : New markers, new props new color new size, new layers. known bugs : somethin's wrong in structures in the middle of the map with textures.

Altored Divide
A 10x10 map with lots of mass.

Deep Valley
A nice little map here, set in between hills and ridges.

Arctic Haven (1.2)
There is no "Attacker" or "Defender", and land units play a bigger part in the battle.

The Grand Canyon
Actualy real world map for supreme commander. it is detailed, which is got the height map from the USGS website.

Human (v0009)
A good map, mostly tactical with two bridges on either side. Use Air to attack your enemy directly and cover the bridges, a huge tactical battle that you must think to win otherwise you'll loose out for sure!

Metal Heck
There are no mexes on the map, so turn on the mod before you play. It's a 5x5 to keep spirit of original, close combat with a lot of mans. Also, if you want to see the new texture in greatest detail, be sure to set your texture detail to high, otherwise it won't be very pretty.

The Thousand Islands
The Thousand Islands are a chain of islands that straddle the U.S.-Canada border in the Saint Lawrence River as it emerges from the northeast corner of Lake Ontario.

Battle Beach (v1.1)
Battle Beach is a map that recreates the beach battles in War World Two. While the Defenders (Top) have a space and height advantages; the Attackers (Bottom) have many resources, and a strategic island.

World Domination
Description This is the first completely new 80km*80km SupCom map ever released! Fight for world domination on a giant (mostly lifelike) map of the earth! No Mass Fabricators and no Resource Allocation are allowed on this map. You'll have to fight for your resources!

Island Skirmish v0.5
It's a 3 player 40km x 40km map based on 3 large Islands, plus one large central island, and 3 small surrounding islands.

Swamp of Wrath
Precious resources lay among the trecherous pathways of the Swamp of Wraith. Find your way through to collect what is yours and destroy your enemies.

Tucon v0.2
A multiplayer map made for 1v1 or 2v2 play. Two land masses separated in the middle where there is an island located with a good amount of resources.

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