Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #5
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:

Multiple gametype map from tonightkams is of a little village in France.

Desertville, Tunisia
Here's a new map by tofuschnitzel for CoD2MP under the familiar North African theme.

Mogadishu (BETA)
Map made over Mogadishu. It supports (Team) Deathmatch, Search & Destroy and Capture the Flag.

{PST} Desert Snipe
Here's another new DM/TDM map by Mr Sc(+)pe made specifically for snipers-only servers. As the name suggests, this one features a desert theme and is really quite beautiful in design. It's got all kinds of neat architectural elements (think pyramids!) and even some cool old, destroyed buildings to mix things up.

anDee's Asylum (1.0)
Here's a wild new CoD2 multi-player map by Andreas Plesnik called anDee's Asylum, named for its location in some German insane asylum.

Festung Breslau (beta 2)
The map is a representation of a small section of the city of Breslau centered around a church occupied as a german HQ. Here the Germans have set up a desperate defensive position.

Twin Ridges Map + Conquest Gametype
This map features extremely realistic terrain work, item placement, and general layout.

Fortified Village (v2)
This one features a rather expansive landscape in what looks to be, well, a fortified village. by RNR Col Klink.

Dawnville Classic (1.0 Final)
Here's a map that needs no introduction!That is, anybody who played the original Call of Duty should recognize this "Classic" version of Dawnville for Call of Duty 2.

Collection of four maps under the name "Boneyard" from an author known as ЬЯ_Dragon. There's an arena-style version of the map, and a more open-ended version. Each of these versions is available in both snipers-only TDM and regular multiple-gametype formats (DM, TDM, SD, and CTF). That makes four!

Death Star
CoD2 map by codnerds (really two developers, Obi-wan and Cannon Fodder) that recreates the interior of the Death Star for your enjoyment in Call of Duty 2.

Somewhere in France (final)
A map by |SbN| MaxH of "Somewhere in France".

Valley of the Kings (CoD2 Release, Final)
Here's the "Final" version of Wakka's well-loved Valley of the Kings, a CoD2 remake of the Soldier of Fortune 2 map bearing the same name. This map is enormous in physical size and supports up to 64 players on all the gametypes. The map itself tends to favor snipers with its long-range open areas, but there are still lots of buildings and closed regions of the map that allow for some intense, action-packed gunfights.

GOB Italy (Extra)
Cmpatible in DM, TDM, and CTF. This Italian-themed map differs from the usual desert-style atmosphere we're used to seeing.

Foucarville (v1.1)
This BIA-inspired map should offer you endless fun with its large size, compatibility with all the CoD2 gametypes, and of course, flawless appearance.

Bash Arena, Russia
Here is a bash arena from Gagarin which is located somewhere in Russia.

Heat (Final)
Heat plays in a little tiny village placed in the normandy, france. The map contains few accessibly buildings, a church with a tower you can climb on and a little underground water channel.

Coastal Guns (1.0)
This lovely looking map puts you on the coast going through mazes of bunkers for close and quick combat and a big landscape which is great for sniping. This map plays in all the gametypes, so you should have plenty of different ways to play this map out!

{PST} Revolution
Here we have a gorgeous new sniper-oriented map made for the main sniping clan themselves, clan {PST}.

Sabes du Mot (beta)
This map is set in a fictional french town just off the shores of Normandy France.
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