Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #57
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

Another alpine-based arena map. Map is very much gameplay ready (and done except for some detailing and play testing for bugs and balance).
Version b1b released, changes include:
-Fixed minor overlay issues
-Fixed SOME of the graphical issues in the water sewers/tubes
-Didn't compile with HDR, as according to playtesting feedback, that is a no no.
-Trying to fix the apparent white truck too bright lighting syndrome
-Fix lighting issues, which I'm guessing comes with compiling with HDR
-Displaced the ground around and in the water area a bit, so that it isn't as cubey

Version 8

A 5 point linear push control point, featuring the new swamp theme.
It promotes an interesting battleground with lots of height variation, open spaces and tight corridoors.
Made for both comp/normal players.

An attack & defense control point map in which BLU must capture RED's 3 points in order. Also comes with an Alpine theme.
Note: Uses only VALVe-made textures and models.

A ABC control point map with an Alpine theme. Set in the mountains between two railroads, RED and BLU battle for a misile launch facillity "cleverly" disguised has an ordinary mountain lumber camp.

5 point CP map.

5CP map with a Hydro-setting geometry. This map was designed with competitive TF2 in mind.
Changelist -
-Changed flow of valley around 2nd point by adding rock-wall, moving floor, etc.
-2nd point revamped with less open space, more small height increments.
-Right-side cave area under 2nd removed, stairway in back of cave moved next to point.
-Moved 1st forward spawns further up.
-Adjusted health placement on 2nd.
-Spawn times lowered overall.
-Cave adjacent to middle smallified, less useless space.

Alpha 9

Mining, on the moon, in a bubble! why not, fun themes are fun.

Version 8!

This map has the new ctf gametype.

DM_Demo Pong v1
Grue Tech Industries would like to invite you to tune in to their Deathmatch channel. Grue Tech Industries boasts quality fights of clones modeled after the historical character, the Demoman.

Koth_Blackport v5
Ok blu want the doughnuts which have been imported to this port.
The thing is the red team ladies won't let them have the doughnuts so now they're gunna fight for control of the whole port. (by capturing the hi.ll)

A psychedelic king of the hill map.


This map is designed for those people who just want to play tf2 without concentrating on objectives. You can do just about anything on this map with its open space.

BLU has been fighting a losing battle with RED for many years now, and have decided to cut their losses by destroying the earth. (What, you think their leader is sane?) Production of the device started at around about 1992, and after 20 years of work, it's finally ready.
BLU did not know, however, that RED had a highly trained team of ninjaneers set up a base near their main complex. The day before the device was meant to be activated, RED cut the main power supply to the device.
So, BLU, wanting to meet their "deadline" of sorts, quickly put together a makeshift power source (Which will take the form of the pinch bombcart model untill I can think of some other idea for it), and got the most elite of their mercenaries to move it into the device.
And so you have pl_2012, which will probably have one of the most awesome finales ever.

A single-stage payload map in a rainy alpine setting, Floodgates sees BLU attempting to blow a hole in RED's dam large enough to flood out their facilities, and they seek to do so with a very large explosion. Push the bomb cart down hills, through a cave and into a dam to make RED's day a little soggier!

A single-stage payload race to the top of a double-helical tower. To make up for the lack of forward spawns, there are several wind-tunnels to get up to different levels of the tower, and the spawn building has alternate exits to make spawn camping (especially sniping) more difficult.

New payload race map, Dervish from Smashman.

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