WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #9

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:

6-Player Maps

Dessert Frotress
medium size map (512x512) 3v3 for T&H, annilate, Hold Area and assasinate is great when playing vs hard AI, online it should be good for clan games.

The River Of Souls
Armies that walk this bridge, Walk with death. The blood from the ones that have fallen spill over into the river. their bodies die but their souls remain, The river is the keeper of souls.

New Eden 6P
A 6P map of New Eden - removed a load of trees and rubble. Light and Heavy cover all over the city, 4 relics, some Criticals and a host of strategic points to take - most in ruins.

Jungle Fortress Defense
This map was created with the idea of a good fortress siege theme for three players. The fortress is located on one half of the board, and the attackers beachhead the other.

DumpStation Mars
6 Players, 1 relic (which is only accessible by flying units!!!), 6 ways to the centre (relic is located here), 1 enemy on each side of your starting position (move quick and establish outposts fast!), completely changed world textures.

Ryuo Cityfight
This map is best played in take and hold format but, is just as dramatic played as annihilate. It is a 3v3 map and does not support 2v2v2.

Three Kings
Three Kings is a Medium-large-sized ( 256 x 1024 ) map for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War meant to be played by six players divided into two teams or by some number of players versus some number of computer-controlled opponents totalling six divided into two teams.Four critical objectives are all placed in the middle of the map, each denoting the securing of a vital dias in the mysterious castle-esque artifact that rises out of the whirling desert sands. Critical Objectives at each end of the map hint to players that one might want to watch their back when playing against extra sneaky oppositional forces. Sometimes you can win the battle but lose the war.

Desert Siege (1.0)
Desert Siege is a 6 player map designed for 3v3 games and is best played as such, although free for all games or 2v2 is still possible.

Sky's Base Assault
A map for two teams, preferably 3v3. Every team has one base, only the player in the corner has direct relic access and a slag depot.The path in the middle of the map is of great tactical value. Whoever holds the middle, will most probably win the game.Notice that the enemies flag points can be shot by artillery from the middle. Also, two relics are placed in the middle path,for the team that manages to take hold of that area. If the base is defended by all three players, its almost impossible to get through.You should maybe bring some Eldar for teleporting business.

River Crossing (1.0)
River Crossing is a 6 player map designed for 3v3 games and is, although free for all games or 2v2 is still
possible. Critical location has been placed near the middle of the map for "take and hold" games.

8-Player Maps

Helms Klamm
This is the map for the movie Lord of the Rings, the two tours. It plays on the ravine of the fight. Normaly People and Elbs are fighting together, this time it are Space Marines and Eldars. Against Orks.You have to play it with the Hardcore War mod, because you'll need many many untis to defend the Wall. You play with your Eldar friend against 6 other Orks.

Tarasin Palace
An 8P map of the Tarasin Palace at Cuil Rhaine - Attackers start in the Industrial Sectors and have to cross bridges and penetrate into the outer ring of the Palaces defences. The Defenders start within the Palace, have the advantage of high ground and Strategic Points in Strategic Places - Kill zones at breach points, Heavy cover to negative cover etc...

Urban Blight
The map simulates a massive city in the heart of the Imperium!
There are plenty of strategic points and other resource locations, bridges and temples. This is a map that probably can't be easily won with a rush! It's a fast-paced slaughter fest. Enjoy.

Dyson Sphere
It is designed as an 8 player map and can be played using any of the team settings (4v4 to Free for All) With any of the victory conditions.

Omahar Beach
This map is based on the world war 2 Omahar beach. At the top of the map 4 players players are elvated and at the bottom of the map they are on lower ground. there are plenty of strateigic points for you to capture and the are 3 critical locations for you to capture in the centre of the map.

This is a 8 players 512x512 jungle map. All game modes and tiers are possible. This map was built to have a great battle in the center.
There are 2 Strategic Objectives and 2 relics. No Slug Deposits. All strategic points are inside the starting locations.

Return to Valhalla
An 8 player map with the only critical location located in a large area of negative cover - which is in turn surrounded by heavy cover. Makes for Difficult take & Hold matches, as well as fast paced annihilate games.

Sky's Meteor Storm
A map for two teams, preferably 4v4. Every team has one base. There are multiple ways to get to the enemies base, and four heavy turrets will guard the base entrance. Higher terrain can be used to tactical advantage, long range artillery really is a plus on this map. The strategic points are pretty hard to hold, so hit and run tactics may apply.

Corstens Ford
An 8 player map 4 on each side of a small town, designed for 4 on 4 teamplay.

Miraj Canyon National Park
2 bases(1 on each team when playing 2 teams) are located in negative cover under meteor showers.
Other bases are located behind defensive walls or within different types of cover placed strategically around the map.
The center area hold the 2 critical points on this map which are crucial to maintain control.
Relics are located atop two plateaus which can only be teleported or jumped to(Eldar are the only race that can build on these).
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