Far Cry 2 Map Pack #9

To install the maps put the .fc2map file into this folder.
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C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps

Included Maps:

FFA Maps:

Hydragod Depot (v1.0)
Hydragod Depot is a MP free for all map for Far Cry 2. Now you will know where all the weapons and ammo came from. Yes, it is the depot from the
jackal that is delivering it to both teams. You can stop this terrible war. Go in there and stop these guys who worked for the jackal! Refer to the readme file for more information!

Sleepy Hollow (v1.0)
Sleepy Hollow is a quaint little village that holds a number of challenges for the gamer.Contains Three cars,ammo,explosives etc Spacy deathmatch map with plenty of things to see.

Benbrook Desert
Benbrook Desert is a rather large map accommodating between four and 10 players, and because of it's size, there is a lot of land to cover.

Holding Tank
Holding Tank is all about trashing your enemies in a medium-sized map setting.

Joes Jungle
Joes Jungle is a map built on a large scale and comes equipped with plenty of places for one to hide.

Hydragod The Wicker Man (v 1.0)
Did you ever have seen the movie called The Wicker Man by (cop Edward Malus) Nicolas Cage? You haven't? Doesn't matter, and if you 've seen it then it comes closer to your pc. Hydragod brings you a new map called The Wicker Man. This is a giant wooden man that is part of a different world ritual. On the end of the movie Edward is locked on top of the head and he can't get out and the people will burn the giant man down with edward in it. Kinda dramatic, the civilians of this small island don't want to have strangers on their island. Fight back and stay alive! Refer to the readme file for more information!

Riverslide (beta) (0.98)
This is a very dense jungle map with a river.This river has some small islands in it and a few towns surrounding it. The map is filled with huts and some villages. The houses are mostly occupied with furniture etc. You can drive your way around if you want to. In two corners of the map there is a huge Watchtower. This map is meant for Free For all Gaming.

Refuge Mountains (1.0)
This is an interesting map. It is Deathmatch only and there are no ammo pickups. The 18 spawn points should make for some quick and interesting matches.

IDC Waterhole (1.0)
A small African based map where the action takes place around a ...Waterhole!
Munitions and explosives in abundance.

Desert Crossroads (1.1)
A small but frantic Deathmatch Map with munitions and explosives in abundance - Numerous vantage points for snipers and gunners alike. - Best suited for 2 - 8 players.

Multiple Gametypes:

Osgilath-City (v1.1)
A map based on the game "Vietcong". The developer has also stated that, although it is not possible to rebuild it exactly as the original, he
does think that what he made is a good try and very close to the actual game, and I would be inclined to agree.
The story of Osgiliath City is that it is where everything is under water because of a storm that just passed.
The civilians already left the area, and only the soldiers of the APR and the UFLL are still present due to rumors that they heard about some diamonds that are hidden there...

Gold Mine (1.0)
It's a map called Gold Mine and it features multiple gametypes.It's a very big map, consisting most of rocks and a huge tunnel system. It seems
like the UFLL spawns outside the tunnels while the APR spawns inside the tunnels.

Fish Party (1.1)
Fish party is all about cunning and skill with a little bit of fluke-ness thrown in for good measure; Based on a body of water, this little metal-isle can be your sanctuary, provided you are able to do away the pesky rodents that are gunning for you. To add a little pizazz to your gaming experience, Amigapower has included some holes in the floors of the structures so that you can make a watery get-away...for the adventurous type, this can also be used to travel between structures...in case you're to squeamish to move about outside.

ContainerPark (v1.0)
If you live in a port city, like I do, then having a container pier handy is nothing that draws a second look, however, if you just look at the container yards, you can see how it would make for an awesome environment for some great gaming! Such is the case with ContainerPark! The potential for frag-fests is ever-present in this map as you traverse the maze of containers, always keeping an eye out for your enemies, and doing onto them what they would not hesitate to do to you!

Point to Hock
Point to Hock takes you back to one of the key battles that takes place on the North shores of France in 1944. The UFLL (which is donned in American - British gear) is on the move to dislodge the APR (DeutscheTruppen (Germans)) A lot of great fun can be had here, as you throw a modern spin on one of the key points of attack at the battle of Normandy. You'll get a whole new perspective on beach-life, and unfortunately, sun block and thongs are not on the agenda for today...better leave those at home and stick with: weapons, ammo and luck! Gear up and move forward, it's time to do or die! Get ready for some intense action and start your download now!

One Tower
Once you download and play One Tower by DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK), you'll immediately realize that this is a map like no other. There is nothing that can stand in the way of you getting your intended target, not even walls...if you happen to find a wal in the way of your sweet shot, then destroy it! This is also great for getting from point A to point B, as everyone knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, you can destroy everything between you and where you want to be. This is not, however, an ideal map for those that have a fear of heights, as this tower puts you at a distance quite a ways above sea level. It's all about having fun here...and winning! Good luck!

1A Verwertungs Anlage
1A Verwertungs Anlage by DeutscheElite (AoD_FREAK) is an interesting multiple gamemode map that offers a lot in the way of fun and adventure!
There is no shortage of cover and hiding places here; According to DeutscheElite, this is a scrap iron utilization plant built 1856, so the number of objects found within are plenty. There is a forum here for every type of player, even the sniper in you will enjoy this map, although, it may take some time for you to be able to take your shot...but then, patience is a virtue.

The Fort
It's a small map but you can have also fun with it. Just enjoy the time once you're playing my map.

This map supports FFA, TDM, CTD, and Uprising.
You will find yourself in the hart of vietnam, the american's have just arived to try to find the pilot at the crash site. But when they start there mission vietcong starts attacking them from every side, The american's recive more support and a big battle begins between the US and VC.

Sanctuary 1
Sanctuary is a map floating above a mountain region. A holy place of refuge to get away from the battlefield that is Africa. A lone traveler found this sanctum while trying to get out of the country. Years pass and the APR and UFLL happen to find this holy fortress and make it their next target for capture. Will your greed let you defile this holy ground? Can you find what fate the traveler was left to?
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