Doom 3 Map Pack
How to Install Maps:

Place the .pk4 to wherever your doom3/base folder is.
Load up the game and select the map from the multiplayer map list .

Included Maps:

Wicked Warehouse
This is a deathmatch map for DOOM 3 with 8 spawn points entitled KKDM1 or Wicked Warehouse.

Water Zone (0.5)
This is a new beta of underwater DM map called UAC - Water Zone.

Waste Plant
This map has a lot of small corridors to run around, by small I mean you'll struggle to fit two people side by side which can be a problem in DM,

especially TDM.

Warehouse DM
Well heres a Remake of the classic Quake2map Warehouse.Deathmatch and TDM supported Music.

VIAVGA DM2 is a DOOM 3 Deathmatch map built to accomodate large sized Deathmatch and various sized team Deathmatch games.

UM_DM17 (1.0)
This is a great Deathmatch map based off of the origional Quake 3 version. It is well balanced, and very fun to play on. Sometimes you would get a
little hurt from the teleporters, and it was a little too easy to fall off the edge, but other than that, it is a fun and unique map.

Tunnel Death Match (1.0)
This is a nice little Deathmatch map that requires you to utilize the darkness to survive. This is definately not your standard Quake III map, it
requires a level of stealth and maybe a nice Ductape Mod.

The Stonegrounds (1.0)
Deathmatch-Map, which plays inside excavates. A main room in the midth holds the MegaHealth and leads to three gangways including the weapons
RocketLauncher, Chaingun and Plasmagun.

The Killing Grounds HQ
This is quite a cool little DM map for Doom3, its not too big, and originaly aimed at 1 on 1 gameplay.
But if you are more than 2 people you will get alot of fast action! The map is rather nicely made, with the right amount of detail for a DM map.
Well worth the download if you play Doom3 MP!

Deathmatvh Map, creator Pedro.

Team DM Arena
This is a simple 3 roomed level with one huge arena inbetween the two other starting places. This is a perfect place to settle your disputer with
other clans or people who you have an argument. It contains 5 floors. Look for strange things. P.S. there is a sniping post for really crafty people.

Surface Beta
"Surface is a test Deathmatch map for Doom 3 to see how well the engine can handle a fairly detailed and large outdoor area"-Bluehair.

Super 44oz
The map itself is one large area with 4 rooms, one in each corner that each hold one weapon plus a lot of ammo. Then there is a central room that
holds armor shards and one of the 200 health powerups. I have to say this is very odd placement - bright side is you'll definately get frags in as there is only one source of health, down side is the frank simplicity of it all.

The XPac's first map for DOOM 3. This map is very dark. It is quite little so you don't have to search a long time to find an ennemy exept if he is hiding. This map can be fun when playing whit 3 or 4 players.

Station M
Deathmatch, Team DM, Tourney and Last Man Standing map.

Station Locked
After the invasion on Mars was over and everything was brought under control by the marines, this facility was discovered near the equator of Mars. It was originally used as a backup teleportation facility, but the marines cleaned it up and kitted it out to be a training facility for any new recruits that arrived on the base.

This is a standard arena style deathmatch map. It is a complex of large open rooms and small maze like ones. No rocket launchers BFGs Plasma rifles only weapons that shoot bullets nades fists and chainsaws.

A small map suitable for FFA/Tourney matches. It looks like some kind of archeological site at first glance.

Place of Two Death
It's a Remake of the dm1 from Quake 1, calls "Place of Two Death". Proved Mapdesign make the map good in Gameplay and the Doom 3 engine give it nice looking.

Very weird map that this one. It vaguely looks like a tennis ground in that it is basically made up of a single room split in two. You can only be in one part of it. This impression is further reinforced when you see that you can only pick up hand grenades in there as if your goal consisted in throwing them over the dividing wall to crush the players from the other side!
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