Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #2 (20 file(s))
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder

Included Maps:

Against the Tide
You are Jordan, a leader of your people in the war against the Chromonian Empire. The Chromonian Empire has always enslaved your people, killing
you families, etc. Until now!!! It is the final showdown between you and the Chromonian Empire. Time to see what you are made of!!!

You play this scenario as the knights of saint john against the spnish, you are have to protect the aztec village from spanish attackers and search the map for treasure ships and natives. you can also look out for a fixed gun you can capture to help you against the spanish, enjoy.

Battle For Pellenor Fields
This is a battle based on the LOTR. You are Gondor and you have to defend Minas Tirith from an onslaught of Orks. Unfortunately the developer didn't know how to trigger it so Rohan would come in after about 5 game minutes, but the AI still works. So he hasn't put a Rohan on.

Battle for the Virgin Islands I
Battle starts auto at beginning of scenario in center for control of 1 Trade Post.

Battle for the Virgin Islands II
You are on what is St. Thomas as of today, deep in the mainland, searching for tribesman and treasures to claim for the USA. Of Course, the British are here and searching for the very same thing. The trick is there is a river but it contains bacteria that could poison your men, give them foreign sickness and the worst of all death. This also causes low morale among the men. Find the Famed "Fountain of Youth" battle England, Tribesman, Malaria and Mother Nature herself Can you secure the island for the USA?

Battle of Gettysburg (1.8)
This map is based on the real battle of Gettysburg. The map includes many historical sites of battle including codori farm, devils den, little and big round top, cemetery hill, the actual city of Gettysburg, and more!

Big map and Big fort
Using the texas map and using AI, Chandler made a new map somewhat like the fort in the campaign. The aim is too protect the fort! You have much at your disposle but be careful, 4 AI opponents are out there you furthermore you can rush them quickly. Be careful and use strategies to your advantage over the simple AI!

Blackcreek Mercenaries Trilogy
This "trilogy" contains Blackcreek Mercenaries parts 1&2, along with the highly anticipated Part 3.
Part 1 has been updated to include cinematics, new terrain, and all the bugs should be worked out. (It's possible that part 1 might not work; I've had numerous problems with that file in the past).
Part 2 has all kinds of new cinematics and objectives, it's almost like a different map (Extreme Makeover: Age of Empires Edition).
Part 3 is a brand new scenario. It's the stunning conlusion to this chapter of Blackcreek Mercenaries.

Boars Bluff
Boars Bluff is baced on occupying resources form neighboring townships then granted to your cause. The Division (ply4 enemy) will do as you do, occupying sites on the map, and doing small money managment when they own a bank. The game will end when you have destroye the enemy stable.
Religious differences finally come to blows between BoarsHead and her neighbor. For the sake of nation these indiscretions will be played out, to and for this just fruit that is fruition. These equals to be paths undone may alone know the stride that will lend to the telling of this tail, when the day is drawn neigh and nothing else stirs. Till then our fathers rest a wakeful eye, on all that is not prosperity or glory driven, that our harts will be never full till we are our people again to lift up and be free of tyranny and oppression a lofty body. And so it was with the last good man BoarHead could give, that he came freely and with non to spare.

British West Indies (2)
You and what is left of your crew have been shipwrecked on an island in the West Indies. You have salvaged a lone cannon and setup a settlement.

Calling all shoguns
When you have a rebellious Japanese Daimyo on the loose, bring in the SHOGUN. In this scenario, you are to eliminate Daimyo Masamune Date. You

Control the forces of Leyasu Tokugawa, Shogun of Japan.

You win if you eliminate The Iroquois colony.

Cannons In The Carolinas (reviewed)
Morgan Black is already on the search for the legend of El Dorado and is led to the Carolina territories to free a guide that is held prisoner in an English held village. Once arriving from the Canary Islands, Morgan and his men are immediately thrown into battle, helping a struggling platoon of Spanish soldiers. They agree to help each other to succeed in both of their missions.

Caribbean Fortress
This is a different game type than most of the other maps I have made where you have to destroy something or kill someone, all you have to do is move your 10 cattle from one yard to the other, how hard can it be?

Cat and Mouse Fortification
Players 1-3 (Mice) battale a powerful Player 4 (Cat). For the mice to win the Cats Drummer Boys must be killed.

China (2.0)
This games consists of 4 scenarios leading you through the troubled times of the Chinese Emperor.
You play as General Kichiro, the trusted right arm of the Emperor, fulfilling every task he sets upon you.
You must reconnect China and rebuild its trade routes, construct the Great Wall to protect China from the northern Mongol raiders. This is a HUGE map consisting of Mountains, flat lands, mountain lakes with 3 waterfalls and rivers. Some out of the box thinking is needed to be successfull.

Cinematic - The Last Scenario Designer
This is a cinematic and NOT a playable scenario. It is a humorous movie about 15 minutes long about a last scenario designer and his fight against ES (Ensemble Studios) to bring back scenario designing. You should enjoy this cinematic even if you know nothing about scenario designing!
Features stunning eyecandy and cinematography, building mashing, humorous dialog, and more!
This cinematic was made to encourage scenario designing and in hope that ES will fix some of the bugs in the editor.

CINEMATIC --The Trail of Tears: East Not West
The Trail of Tears: East Not West Part 1. This is part one in a trilogy of cinematics. In the time of The Trail of Tears many Natives were forced
away to the West like they were nothing.. But these natives went East away from the United States... They went to a great island..

Civil War City (1.4)
This map is for 4 players, for online use(computer players dont work). This map is a big city divided into 4 parts, with each player fighting for the survival of their section of the city!s!

Civil War City 1v1 (1.1)
This map is the first version of Civil War City. The city is divided into 2 parts:each players controls their part, and they fight each other.
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