Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #6
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:

Aberrant Valley (Final v1.1)
Here's the lastest (and final) update to NDM's extraordinary map, Aberrant Valley. This update features new textures; compatibility with our
favorite bot mod, MeatBot 0.7; some important bug and exploit fixes; and a whole lot more! Everything else is still pretty much the same: awesome
effects, realistic terrain, compatibility with all the gametypes, and an overall smooth and realistic feel. At the moment, the only problem I see
is that the bots can't use the jeeps -- but oh well, it's still an amazing map! Check out the screenshots below, and start downloading this latest
version of NDM's map, Aberrant Valley!

Castle Assault
This map supports deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag. This is a beta version so there are bound to be glitches so be sure to report
them so the author can fix them up for the final release. There are a lot of maps which are using prefabs, this map is not one of them.

Here's an interesting new CoD2 multi-player map by nexus17suxen. It's called "Forest" for obvious reasons, but it might not be what you're
expecting; the map itself, although populated thoroughly by trees, is really not very big and would only suit a few players, if any more than
one-on-one. But hey, why not have something for a rainy day? You never know when just you and one buddy are the only guys who can play that night.

Crazyhouse, as it's called, features an arena-style layout for 12-20 players with, well, some pretty crazy elements added to the mix.

BPU Master of Puppets
And for all you Metallica fans out there (hey, I like 'em, too stick out tongue ), BuckDich has produced a new CoD2 multi-player map just for you,
appropriately entitled "Master of Puppets." The map is actually really huge for being so simple, but it's fun to battle on with its theme song
("Master of Puppets," duh) playing in the background the whole time. The physical structure consists of just rows and rows of tombstone crosses
with ladders on the sides. It's hard to explain and hard to imagine from my explanation, I'm sure, so check out the screenshots below to see for
yourself, and fight your buddies on this Metallica map today!a map today!

5Ronin Aim
Here's one of two sweet new aim maps to be released today as 5Ronin Mackey's designs, this one having been carried out by SevenSniff. I like good
maps in general, but a high-quality aim map really gets me going. smile These two maps feature great layouts, good believable themes, and nice textures and landscaping to boot.

Solovki, Russia
This new and updated version looks a lot better with snow effects and the all around atmosphere. The great thing is, this map is perfect for small to medium battles in S&D, HQ, CTF, TDM, and DM.

Blood Strike
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are supported.

JJ's Aim
This one takes place in a North African setting and looks to be a fun play with its natural cover elements of palm trees, dragon's teeth, and
much, much more. smile As is the custom for this genre of maps, it's available in both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch and is recommended for use with up to 20 players, so if your server fits the bill, put up this great new map for your clients today!

Tunestiga's Hall
Here's another new CoD2 multi-player map, this time by Tunestiga Masa.

Manche, France (2.0)
Tofu is back with his great looking map and has made some various fixes which should greatly improve the game play of this awesome looking map.

Deux Villes, France (Final)
Besides a huge, varied, high-quality layout and terrain work, the map has got all kinds of crazy interactivities like destructable walls and a church tower that explodes.

It seems pretty big in size and, like the last map, features compatibility with a wide variety of gametypes (DM, TDM, SD, HQ, and CTF), so this should definitely keep you interested.

Farm Assault (beta v2)
This is an update on the beta v1 of Farm Assault released mid-December with a good deal of significant additions and adjustments.

Bocage Winter (v2)
Here's the second release of Stev0's excellent winter CoD2 version of the old CoD map Bocage.

Ville de la Paix, France
Here's a beautiful new CoD2 multi-player map by the developer known as Kil[L]JoY. It should support a decent number of players on DM, TDM, HQ, and SD over lots of varied play areas.

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