Left 4 Dead Map Pack #4

How to Install Maps:

Installation paths may differ based on your system configuration.

Place the .bsp and .nav file in your Left 4 Dead maps folder.
This is normally - C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps\

Play the custom map or campaign.
Open console ~ and type "map map_name".

Included Maps:


Left Over
Campaing starts off in a junkyard as the survivors exit the bus they thought they would be traveling to saftey on.

Mental Asylum
In this campaign the players will have to make their way through several locations, to get to the supposedly last safe spot, which is a mental asylum - oddly. The first map of this campaign is now done and a small part of the second one is in this package, too.

Without Name
The map starts inside a sewer-complex that ends at the entrance to a research-facility. After heading trough the overrun complex, the survivors will hopefully arrive the saferoom.

Last Train Home (beta)
Basically you start in a Mall (map 1) and work your way through to the Suburbs (map 2) where you have to make your way through a parking lot and school then to the Train Station (map 3, Finale)

ZELDA no Densatsu
This is a map that looks like the legend of Zelda of the family computer version.
LEVEL1 and LEVEL2 are included.
Please wander about the labyrinth, look for the key, and look for the TRIFORCE.

Survival Maps

Barricade Builder Map V2.1
Version 2.1 of the Barricade Builder Map.

Reaper's Garage v1.2
The survivors find themselves in a once safe-haven evacuation zone underground, only to find it's been overrun. It's a bit dark, why not fire up the generator and get some lights?

Traggeys Storage
Thanks to Francis the survivors has gotten themselves trapped inside of an old storage facility, it's dark! Try to turn the lights on!

Infection FM
Defend yourself inside (or outside) the small radio station. Block the windows and doors and play the music. Use the car alarms to draw the infected away from you. And watch out for lightning strikes.

Road Warriors Beta 1.0
You are the roadwarriors. Traveling the highways of America. Misfortunately your car broke down and you're stuck in what seems to be an abandoned military checkpoint. How long will you last?

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