Far Cry 2 Map Pack #10

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Included Maps:

Trenches (v1.1)
APR attacks the bunker of the UFLL soldiers, sneak trough the trenches as APR or defend the bunker as UFLL!

Lion's Den
Lion's Den is a small, urban map surrounded by a Savannah background which will make for some interesting and engaging fun for 4 to 8 players in total. Although this download will accommodate all of the game types, it is best suited for Deatmatch and Team Deathmatch...the intensity of an action-packed fun filled frag-fest awaits you inside, so be sure to have your weapons at the ready, you won't find any mercy here. The Lion's Den is actually an APR safe place...depending on which team you are on, you may be holding it, or taking it.

Helms Deep (Helms Klam)
The title reveals the theme of this map, Helms Deep is all about defending (or attacking, depending on your team orientation) the fortress that is your sanctuary...Make sure your ammo count is high and your weapons are clean and ready to go, the action here will be intense and unforgiving; There will be no resting or lolly-gagging about in this map, as it's nothing but action jam packed into this download!

Juno Beach
Juno Beach was the name of the beachhead in Normandy that the Canadians were charged with securing; It was situated between Sword Beach and Gold Beach. In the first hour of the assault on Juno Beach, the Canadian forces suffered approximately 50 percent casualty rates, comparable to those suffered by the Americans at Omaha Beach. Once the Canadians cleared the seawall (about an hour after leaving the transports) they started to advance quickly inland. Now you can enjoy this historic event with a Far Cry 2 spin on it, although, historic accuracy is not practiced in this download, the intensity and action is still present; The gamemodes available to play are Team Deathmatch and Uprising.

Sand Time
Sand Time is all about a nice tropical island that contains one cave...if subterranean exploration is not your bag, then don't fret, as there are also some villages scattered about. Not to worry if you're not the walking type, as the developer has also placed about six buggys in this map for your use; If you find that you're seperated from the action, instead of rushing back, take some time to poke around Sand Time and solve the mysteries that the developer has placed for you to discover. Becareful when entering the Bar...a beer may not be the only thing you get...

City Life (Beta)
City Life (Beta) is focused on urban warfare and tight narrow alleyways, but there are a couple open roads and fields to stretch your legs in as well as many buildings to walk on top of...and through; But not all of them, as it would prove impossible to win a fight if the enemy claimed the roof tops. Both the UFFL and the APR have their own "bases" on opposite sides of map and they are nicely fortified. The Capture the Flag mode has 3 points a, b and c (obviously) in an even triangle shape around the map and easily accessible in multiple ways to make it easier to capture instead of funneling players through one area to be mowed down...

In Forgotten, you'll be fighting in an isolated desert fortress. When it was built, the Ancients used special architectural techniques and venerated the desert rocks, until a mysterious plague killed everyone inside the safe Rockies, leaving their great fortune behind. Make haste gathering diamonds before your enemies do, or the curse of the rocks will banish everything again. It's time to put your game-face on and clean your weapon...you're going to be in for the fight for your very survival! If you think you have what it takes to walk away with bragging rights then put your download finger to good use!

Black Forest
Black Forest is not about a cake, and it is no where's near a garden map. You'll fight in a dense Jungle where a colony used to live peacefully; Fortifications have been raised so people don't fall off the many cliffs that are around. Two groups of people living too close to each other started a war, and you're now caught in the middle. You'll probably be a little bit confused at first but not to worry, you'll soon find your way through the woods. Black Forest supports all gametypes and the framerates are ok, the only thing that is missing from this map is you.

Rock Dome
It is basically a giant rock cave.The UFLL base is in the middle of the cave and the APR base is at the entrance to the cave.
There is a cliff running around a quarter of the cave which is a good place for snipers.The water level in the cave is low enough to run across so dont worry if you fall in the water, it will be slightly easier to avoid enemy fire.

The Open
This map has various ways of which objectives can be met. Either by using the road, sneaking around the back or the water. There are some good sniping points on the map as well as close combat areas such as the headquarters and the shipment areas. If full on combat is more your style why not drive into the headquarters with a car or boat.
Game types include FFA, TDM, Uprising and CTD.

Canyon Villages (3.0)
This map is made up of Canyon Villages and is for the Capture the Diamond mode. The author recommends at least 6 players minimum.

Westwood (V1.0)
This is a map that is compatible with all of the game modes, so even if you think you have played enough, all that's needed is for you to switch the game type and it's a fresh new experience for all thats involved!
Be prepared to defend your very life against the opposing team as you move about this little town using all the available structures and vehicles as cover whenever possible. A word to the wise: be careful where you decide to hunker down to re-oad, as some of the barrels are filled with a flammable substance which do more then singe your eyebrows if shot at...

Savannah Rush
Savannah Rush is all about splendor and beauty...and of course, a chance to frag your opponents! Boredom is not a word that can be used to describe this map as the scenery changes from an old abandoned train yard with plenty of structures and a serene river to a wide open hay field that would make most farmers drool.

Toujane Tunisia TF (v 1.0)
This time it's a map based on Call of Duty 2, Toujane, Tunisia.
The UFLL represents the british, while the APR represents the german soldiers.
As the author stated, this is a perfect rifles only Map. He recommends following if you choose to play rifles only.

Jungle Fever
Acoording to the author, it's an hardcore jungle map, where is a small village, a lumber camp and
an old abandoned greenhouse complex next to a pond.
On this map tactical gaming is a requirement. You won't go far with "Rambo-style".
Best gaming experience is guaranteed with up to 16 players and all gametypes supported.

Don't forget your guns at home... you won't survive long without them on the GraveYard....
This map supports all gametypes and is not symmetrical like some of the author's(F0U) older creations.

Castle raid v1.2
It's a very well-made map with quite a lot of details. It's made for 8-12 players.
Basically it's a map set in a castle town area in a remote forrest, but it's very well mad and supports all gametypes. It's set in the mid day, but it's stormy, so the visibility is lowered. But it helps you hiding out and sneaking through the multiple ways around.

According to the author the UFLL has build a base to protect it's last diamonds.
Now the APR has built a base in the Jungle and are getting ready to steal those diamonds.
The available gametypes are TDM (Team DeathMatch) and CTD (Capture The Diamond).

Wood Fort
As the title might already tell, it's a small fort where wood is stored.
It's a mid-sized jungle map which features the small fort, a pond and an open
jungle area with a circle made of streets.
The only gametype supported is Deathmatch.

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