Doom 3 Map Pack #2
How to Install Maps:

Place the .pk4 to wherever your doom3/base folder is.
Load up the game and select the map from the multiplayer map list .

Included Maps:


Trap And Death (1.0)
A Singleplayer Fun map - you must wins to survive of this map however if you cheat of this
map that you are loser!!!.
1st Stage = jumping by spiders (Simple)
2nd Stage = Darkness path (you cannot see the floor also there's many pit)
3rd Stage = Run B#TCH Run by monsters
4th Stage = The Machines Zone (Hard)
5th Stage = Unknow zone (You'll find out)

A Strange Awakening
November 10th 2145... as every day you awake in your room to go to work... but today something strange is happening... you decide to go out of your room and search for what's happening...

Administration Complex (alpha 1)
This is a small SP map akin to Roachy's Map (final) in that it seems to be AI-less. Visually-wise, it looks good but progress will need to be done on the FPS...

AlleyWay (1.0)
AlleyWay is a Doom 3 level created primarily as a multiplayer map.

Alpha Labs - Sector 5 (1.1)
Author - Nightmare

Anti-Gravity Room
It's a small room with no gravity.

Arena (1.1)
This level opens with a sequence a la Half-Life with a train leading you into the depth of a building. The action doesn't start immediately and actually it is up to you to decide of that! That is the main originality of this level arranged in a series of trials: there is one arena in which you have to defeat several waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. These waves stand for missions that you are responsible to trigger on once you have gotten over one of them...

Barista 3
Welcome to the Nuevos Aires Enginani Corps,masters of the spline wrench and trunklineoverride. Fix exotic machinery, calibrate power grids, and sleep long hours. Medical and dental insurance and vision care plans are provided for employees and dependents.

Bath Room (Beta 0.83)
Bathroom Game Mode

Beta Labs Pilot
Finally the first episode following up the campaign is finished and still so many to go . This map has much, MUCH, more detail than the campaign maps and it's scarier to, so enjoy.


This is remake of an older Quake 1 level called "Aerowalk".

After the War (1.0)
After the War is a map/mod set in near-future Earth. It's a MP map and a techdemo showcasing outdoor areas with water. Windows and Linux binaries are included. 4 players or more recommended; good for team games.

This map is recommended for Tourney or Team Deathmatch.

This Aztec temple was not only the place for religious rituals, but it also hld the key to a highly advanced civilization. This 15,000 year old temple houses technology that can compare to that of today. With several teleporters and many scattered weapons, you must fight to be named surpreme ruler of all!

Base Desires (2.4)
Another mysteriously abandoned base. Author wanted to recapture a little bit of Quake2 feel in places, while still utilizing all the great elements of Doom3's claustrophobic spaces. Base Desires is intended as a FFA map, but do with it as you will. Ultimately, this is a deathmatch map, but it should play well for tourney as well.

Blood Burns 2
Meidum-sized indoor level for fast'n furious deathmatch games. Actually, this is just to suggest you that it focuses more on providing a good gameplay than showing off nifty visual details and such. Indeed, unlike the hefty DOOM 3 level design, the one of this map is left to a minimum.

Budo's Stone Dojo (1.0)
This is a 1v1 dueling map and has taken 150+ hours of work so far.

Bunker (v1.3)
A small multiplayer map that is intended for Deathmatch use, although it is suitable for all game-modes. The battles can be fierce in this map as, due to it's size, you will always be bumping into other players, as long as the numbers are greater then one. This is one map where your skills at ducking and weaving need to be polished, and you'll have to turn them corners fast if you want to be walking away with bragging rights when it's over with.

Chemical Weapons Facility (1.0)
D3 recreation of the GoldenEye Facility. MP map suitable for 4 players.

Coeptus is set within ta complex with several directions to choose from, and in the Doom 3 tradition, there are some dark ares...combine that with objects scattered around, and you have a pretty good place to stage an ambush... or an exceptable place with which to reload. All weapons are available, so let the frag-fest begin!
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