WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #10

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:

2 Player maps:

Bloody Vale
There are very few resource points on this map, and that's what it's all about. I highly recommend either low or normal resources. It makes for a tough fight, and the player who can manage their resources the best will likely be the winner.

Omaha Spaceport (1.1)
Player 1 takes Space Marines, Player 2 takes Chaos.
Best on Annihilation for fast and furious gameplay. (N.B. Critical locations are not supported on this map).

Bridge of Viden
This is a 1 on 1 Cityfight Map. There are 2 Relics(1 Cathedral,1 Factory) and 10 Strategic Flags.

Bridge Too Far (Beta)
In September 41 944 AD was liberated Paris Port on planet Europus. Bu the Army had problem with food supply. Libarian Montogomerus IV thank up the plan caled Market Garden. The main goal of plan was to take and hold Arnheimon bridge in sector Holandias.

The Lost Relic
This is a classic 1vs1 map, It's a swampy jungle and The map has been studied to be balanced with all races in the game. It's a 256x256.

Crash On Planet Korrr
You and your friend have crashed on an orc planet named Korrr and are heavily outnumbered by orc forces. Survive for seven minutes to win (capture critical location).

Black Swamp
The Black Swamp is an 2 player map by Fighting Monk, supports all win conditions.

Bottle Neck
A small 1v1 player map for Dawn of War... this fetures a Jungles settleing and a Trickly area for both players to build there bases... tyipcal Skrimish play will be around 30 minutes making this a good map to play while on break.

Execution Square
In building this map, author tried to create an environment where again infantry will be the unit of choice to battle the enemy. There are many, many positions where cover is available for troops. Vehicles can fit down most streets, and even into some buildings. However there are places where they can not go.

One city, a massive bombardment, one fortified base, two players: who will take advantage?

4 Player maps:

Royal Rumble
RoyalRumble is a 4 player map which can be played 2v2 , or free for all.

Mehnra Spaceport (1.2)
Gain control of the space port to facilitate the landing of reinforcements in preparation for the assault on the regions capital. Intelligence indicates that there are two enemy garrison forces, one within the fortified confines of the port, the other guards a communications bunker, crucial to the maintenance of the planets defence grid. Crush all resistance.

Libria Temple
First off this map is quite large at 512x512 I simply did not relaize how large that ment in game temrs so belive me you WILL have enough room to set up base.

Imperial Outpost
Basically a 4 player map where it is like a warzone and lots of dead bodies and imperial stuff.

The citizens on this recently colonized planet where sustained by the river, a river that now flows red with blood.

Cursed Tundra
4 player map, size 513, snowfields with remnants of past civilization. Designed for free for all games. One critical location in the center.

Mud Temple (v2)
This map is loosely based on the layout of the map "Lost Temple" which has been converted for many RTS games.
It provides lots of possibilities and ways to play it.

Field of Fire
Another map for the community, this one created and best suited for 2v2 action, rainy jungle map, a river and 2 points to cross it.

The Defenses Must Hold
This is a 4 player map for Dawn of War and Winter Assault.

Pleasant Little Islands Beach Party
An update to Pleasant Little Islands to make it 4 player. A few of the Islands were moved around to improve the balance for the additional starting locations.

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