STALKER: Clear Sky Mods Pack (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty single player modifications for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Included Mods:

Full Upgrades for Armors and Weapons Mod
This mod allows you to buy every single armor upgrade and weapon upgrade.
It also includes two minor changes :
-armors now all have 5 artefact slots once upgraded
-you can attach silencers to fully upgraded pistols, which you couldn't before.

Graphics Pack (Clear Sky) (v.1.0)
Revamps the graphics for STALKER CLEAR SKY. Most in game objects now have increased detail and have adjusted 'material dependent specularity' in an attempt to nearer mimic their real-life counter-parts. ie., materials will now show varying degrees of shininess depending on what they are made of. Terrain now has a rougher surface texture- these textures are revised final editions of the Terrain Mod.

STALKER C.S Trader Mod (1.00)
STALKER Clear Sky Trader MOD! This works with both patches.

Clear Sky God Mode + Speed + Jump Height
A simple mod which adds God mode Super Speed and High Jump to the game Clear sky.

Stalker CS Weight mod (1.1)
This mod enables you to carry 150kg in your inventory and will stop you walking at 180kg.

Terrain Pack (v1.0)
Totally revamps the terrain graphics for STALKER CLEAR SKY, using techniques of outhors own invention. Terrain now has realistic, rough surface texture which reacts with the sun-lighting direction, to create a detailed and realistic game vista.By NeilMc.

AMK Sleeping Bag (for CS 1.5.04) (1.0)
Allows the use of sleep mode in Stalker: Clear Sky.

(G) mod (3.0 - final)
Improved weapons & armors. Balanced weapon upgrades. Low degrading weapons. Suit weight bonus. Any trader buy fair price. Better starter items...

STALKER Clear Sky accuracy fix (1.0)
A lot of people are use to Oblivion Lost mod accuracy and this mod does just that. Takes ACCURACY values from OL and transfers them to Clear Sky to lower the frustration levels.

Carry More (v3)
This mod allows you to carry a maximum of 500kg, as apose to 50kg.

PDA Maps with Point Names - Map-Pack (v1.2)
This mod is newest version of map-pack which adds terrain point names to maps of all levels.

Hades' Real Gore Mod for CS 1.5.04
Beautifully textures of blood.Created by pseudoant and modify by Hades.

Clear Sky "Major Mod" (1.0)
1) This mod makes ALL traders have all weapons, all ammo except for all armors.
2) This mod will make all Stalkers have all ammo calibers to what weapon they're carrying,
and a 2% chance of a Stalker when killed, to have an artifact (MILITARY WON'T HAVE ARTIFACTS!)
3) Changes firing sounds for all pistols, changes some reload sounds such as SVD and PKM, changes
Val and Vintorez's firing sounds, changes silencer sounds. From now on, pistol's reload animations
synchronize with pistol's reloading sounds. Reload sounds also synchronize with SVD and PKM.
4) Sets all artifacts' weight to 0.01 KG (since artifacts are LEVITATING) and sets artifacts' price
a little bit higher (to get more money).
5) Sets maximum carrying weight to 90 KG and if you go over 100 KG, you won't be able to walk.

Real Weapon Names Clear Sky (ENG - ITA) - FIXED
A simple correction for the weapon name used even in Clear Sky with
the corresponding real weapon names.

Accuracy mod + Less Grenades (1.0)
- Better accuracy for all weapons (+50%)
- No grenades spamming by the npcs

Flash Drive Mod (3.0)
This mod lets you buy for free, the flash drives for upgrading weapons and armour
from a trader.

Fair Trade (1.1)
This increases the amount of money various traders will give you for weapons, artifacts, armour, ammo, etc., so you can actually earn money in this game. You'll be given approximately double the RU for weapons and other commonly-found items, and 4-8 times the RU for rarer items, such as armour and artifacts.

Gnomus's Scopes For Clear Sky (1.0)
For both Full Screen and Wide Screen. Tested under patch but should work under all patches.

Cordon To Garbage Simple Travel Fix (1.0)
This fixes the bug that can be found at the end of the Cordon when you want to go to the works with the STALKER:CS Patch 1.5.04

EasyStart - DetectorMod 1.5.04 (2.0)
Simple mod for Clear Sky, synchro to v. 1.5.04
1.Max carry up to 60 kg
2.Faster moving and running
3.Higher jump
4.Longest sprint
5.Artefacts weight 0.01 kg
6.Better artefacts detector (simple detector detect on 5 steps, insted 3)
7.First trader have more staff to sell
8.No restriction weapon in special place
9.The trader give vintorez + bullets
10.Better hit probability
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