Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #7
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:


BRO 1vs1 MAP (1.0)
Bastax had made very interesting map for the gamers that like to do 1v1 matches.

All Killer is back with a small deathmatch map for you guys. This small map called, mp_crazymaze, is great for some "run and gun" with your friends and foes.

DC Farm
Here's a cool new CoD2 Deathmatch map with a decent look for its simple layout.

De Geast
A nice medium-sized Deathmatch map, which would be a good change for those who enjoy those quick games but are sick of the usual arena-style maps made for this purpoze.What makes it different is that it's got a pretty varied and realistic layout, albeit confined to a reasonable size.

Depot Deathmatch
Depot deathmatch is a small map which is great for 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2. The faintly illuminated train station is great for some close and even

sometimes surprising fights.

Medium size sandy / jungle style map for COD2.

Grapple (1.0)
A first map from Snippy. It can be played in deathmatch or team deathmatch.

Missle Command
Medium sized deathmatch type map for COD2.

Call of Centoeseis (1.0)
This map was drawn to scale and the players are in miniature, with 30cm (about 11.8 inches high); It made the map more interesting.

Concert (final)
This is a map for fun with a concert wink If you want to change the music, open the file with winrar and place your music in !
Enjoy !

Team Deathmatch

Devil's Sniper Map
A sniper map with two facing castles by .Lord Devil. The map isn't detailed but it is good tons of fun. The map is built for Team Deathmatch with the sniping game play in mind.

MG Arena
This is a very, very small map for about 2-4 players, a good map for those servers who don't have a ton of slots stick out tongue. 'Arena' features about 6 MG42's all aligned (3 on each side) and a bunch of other fun things.

AIM Championship Map (1.0)
Here's a simple but nice-looking new AIM map conversion by Gagarin. He converted it to CoD2 from Counter-Strike: Qpad, the original authors being Johan "w00d" Bjarnle and Filip "tntman" Orrby. The map was made for Team Deathmatch only and 2-4 players, so gather a few buddies and fight it out on this AIM Championship Map!

Desert Aim
a new Team-Deathmatch-only aim map by a developer known as Paintballer485 (or mashedpotatoe8 in other games). He says it'll handle up to 32 players, and with that many guys in an arena-style map like this, you can guarantee there will be action-packed gunbattles wherever you turn.

EST Wots Da Matmata (1.1)
'snipers-only' map from the Elite Snipe Team clan and {EST}45King, once again excelling not only in sheer size and functionality but physical appearance as well.

EST Panzer Plant W2 (1.1)
This one is called Panzer Plant and comes from the developer known as {EST}45King and the Elite Snipe Team clan. The map itself is Russian vs. German and supports around 40 players in Team Deathmatch.

Giant's Yard (v1)
Here's another CoD2 no-cross, snipers-only map from SharpHa, available only in Team Deathmatch.

Hanover, Germany
A TDM/DM/SD/CTF/HQ map by a new developer named codmapper. Enjoy!

Hawkeye Aim
Fun-looking new map for CoD2, by Nexus17suxen. It's got a sort of British North Africa theme to it, make for some fast-paced, head-on action that will leave your clients coming back for more.

A Call of Duty 2 no cross TDM sniper map. This is like two summer time hill's against each other with little river between of them.
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