Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #3
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder

Included Maps:

Global Wars (1.40)
This scenario is based on the Arab Desert Series by KevTheGreat. Five Empires have risen to face the test of time, they compete in a world tournament. Who will win, who will conquer? You control your diplomacy, so be prepare to experiance cold wars, World Wars, and others...

Fort of War
In this easy to understand game, your goal is to defeat all other players or control the fort at 30min. The Fort gives u an extra income boost, a huge one. You use the gold to purchase units. You can also gain lvls by getting kills, the lvls age u up and u recieve an extra spawn of units. If a base is destroyed u lose that spawn of unit. Losing your headquarters u will lose the game.
Age: Discovery, Civs do not matter execpt for Ports(do not use them).

French border-The Ottoman colonization
Ottomas have landed near French border and they have to give something to French king to pass.They don't have time for that becouse they are very late and they want some of the New World for themself, spacialy now when Americans revolted and there is a lot of space for them.But they didn't count on evil band Hessians hwo landed near French border aswell.They're now attacking French, but and Ottomans.So be on your guard.

Having committed his beloved mother Aliza to the earth, and his father Hayben unaccounted for in battle, Fendle came down off Scrimshaw Mt. to set his wrath upon the deserving. With his third cousin Curade De Coop, and his faithful hound Breuart, they make there way into a world unbeknownst to them. Could fame and fortune be the only salvation for this young man consumed by shadow? Control characters though the first four chapter of this saga, making decision depicting Fendle as you see him. From the Mountains of Northern New England, to the Southern Shores of Chatueka, Fendles adventure has just begun, and is in your hands.

King Arthur (v2.0)
Here's part deux of Chandlers original King Arthuer Scenario with it being more larger and a number of numerous and effective fixes such as the following:
-Actual AI! They may escape, but use your tactics to stop them.
-Fixes a known sync error.
-Knights are now on foot increasing the gameplays funfactor.
-A bigger battle is now enjured.
-Fires population have increased
-A gag has been fixed.

Great Plains Total Freedom
In this installment you are based in the great plains. You start off a lone soldier but you can build up your troops and even make and army.

Deep Jungle
You find yourself in a dense jungle. It's loaded with resources, but space is hard to come by. You must utilize what little space you get.

Map of Earth (2.0)
This is a map of Earth. The authortried hard to copy the map of the world and at the same time making it big enough so it is fun to play in, therefore it is really half of the world. it includes Europe, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, pretty much all continents except the west side of the world.

Cooper: The Village, The Horror (1.0)
When Cooper returns to his village after meeting with Bolivar, a British General, he finds it ruined. There are dead bodies everywhere, and you find the church surrounded by the bodies of dead citizens. #1 in the Cooper Series.

You evoluate inside French Alps Mountains, around Grenoble (Winter Olympic Games 1968) where snowed summits and deep valleys have lot of surprises. You need to have at least 16 trading posts to win. Against you, are 7 AI-players and 6 AI-natives. Even if minor natives cannot populate, they can do more damage if you walk near them...

CTF Oasis
Two teams fight to capture the opponents flag. Once you have captured the flag you will get a flag bearer, return him to the base within the time limit and you win. Hope you like it.

Last Frontier
The last outpost of the British in Canada recently came under attack from the French who seek to build a fortress on the land, fortunately the attack was just repelled but at the cost of the British Force being utterly destroyed apart from one last rifle team. The French have held off their attack lately due to a hard winter but now reinforcements have arrived with supplies and are ready to invade.....

Cortez : New World Conqueror Campaign
In the first scenario you must rescue and forward an army. Then explore a jungle to get to a site where you will have a very fun battle and then help the aztecs destroy a rival village.

Douro River
England has just settled near the river Douro in Portugal. They have been there for about a year now. While scouting the area on the other side of the Douro River they noticed Portugal had a base camp there. Portugal knew England was there and they were going to attack and try to take over their country. Portugal asked for help, and was sick and tired of England trying to rule the world. While scouting even further along the other side of the Douro river they noticed that Portugal had help from other countries...

Jordan Part One
Jordan is on a small cliff. Peering past the thick trees and underbrush, he used to make a good scout. Unfortunately, being in hostile territory, you always had to be careful. With his supplies dwindling low, he must risk his life to get to the outposts.

Forest scenario
You start off the scenario by landing your ship on the shore to establish a colony and defeat the French. Building walls around your colony early in the game will stop any small scale raids, you can ally with native tribes on the map to gain more units, natives can also be freed from stockades scattered across the map.

D-Day Extreme (1.0)
This is a remake of the D-day scenario. The original was far too easy and could have been much better.This map requires The Warchiefs to play.

Economy Scenario
In this map, you can't defeat your enemies with force. Instead, you are competing with your economy. There are two ways of winning, 1. Advancing to Imperial age first, or 2. gaining a population of 99. Military units can not build/made. What little military units you can get are useless since a massive river separates you from your enemy. Docks are forbidden.

Fun In The Valley
You start with a fort and a small colony behind it. defend yourself from waves of enemy attackers coming from the valley until reinforcements arrive. You can also watch out for more missing objects, though you may have to wait until reinforcements arrive and the enemys stop advancing to search for them.

Gallentine is a highly strategic map, much the random type Island map, set in NewEgland in 1702. Starting with a lean but tight raiding force aboard the Troubadour, recruited for colonization their commander Reagon has a secret objective in mind only he knows. With an option of landing sites the game play is set for enemy take down if you guess the objective...
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