Crysis SinglePlayer Map Pack #17
How to Install Maps:

1 Go to your Crysis level folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game/Levels/.
2 Eventually backup a existing Level folder with the same name.
3 Extract the levelfolder from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.
4 Copy the downloaded levelfolder into the folder.
5 Start Crysis
6 Open console (with the ~ key) and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "") to allow access to console commands
7 Load your custom map by typing in the console "map mapname" (Without "") and press Enter.

Included Maps:

Robs Alpha Crysis Photoreal Day - 1.1
Did you love Robs Alpha Crysis Photo real Night, well the day has come alive with even More Intense Fighting and Photo Real game play.
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-Remake of my " Robs Alpha Crysis Photoreal Night " map
-Your are now Loaded with 8 Squad men to assist you with the battle Itelagent Ai included.
-This Version is for Hard core PC Gamers, with hard core Pcs, tested on 295 gtx.

Drivers Hell 5 - 1.2
The 5th part of Drivers Hell.
Your Mission: Leave the island
Your Tools: A car, a hovercraft, a helicopter
Your impediment: 99% solids!
-Mini Map
-Much fun
-Very good atmosphere
-99% built with solids
-two difficulty( outside or inside the car;Its much easier to drive outside)

Survival - 1
Your plane has crashed, you are the only survivor, you don't know where you are, nor, do you care. Only one thought goes through your head and that is to Survive. You must go through hostile territory, beaches, forests, dark woods (twisted trees.), and climb to the top of the mountain in hopes of finding help.
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-Large map with plenty of AI
-Lots of Action in both open and forested areas

Cursed Paradise - 1.1
Large open map with story and plenty of action.
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-Large open map
-Interesting storyline

Crysis Deathmatch project - 1.2
This project is the second version, although the first version was horrible, only 2 rounds and horrible texture quality. The surroundings of the map are frozen and detailed, a lot of vegetation and secret areas for special weapons and vehicles. After 1 round,the grunts for the next round are spawned and are being sent into an arena, once both parties are in the center a door open allowing the fight to begin. Now please keep in mind that there's still a lot of work to do.
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-Arena style combat
-Secret areas with weapons and vehicles
-Detailed frozen landscape

Maze series - 1.0
These maps do not focus on graphics, or challenges, they focus only on having fun. So have fun!
Gameplay Hints/Tips:
-You can't use prone, because you will die when you stand up.
-Climb into the vtol to end the level and display your time.
-A nice small maze (it was done in 2 hours)
-Basic map layout for very high fps

NK Hunt (Steelmill) - 1.1
Author made this engine to be used on multiplayer maps like in Gears of War Hordes, Rainbow Six Vegas terrorist hunt, or call of duty WW N*zi zombie. You have 10 levels to finish the game, try to survive to the hordes of NK.
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-a lot of enemies variety for each level
-your weapon and attachment is random
-your nanosuit can be broken
-the enemy sometime can call reinforcement
-you can have vehicles sometimes
-you can take a look to your score
-you have a training place
-you can choose between single or survive mode
-you can choose the level
-you can select the enemy density
-you can have 3 kind of teams
-you can choose the Time of Day

Crysis Black plague - 1.0
A zombie survival map. Explore the unknown and find your destiny, can you survive the hordes?
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-Custom Zombie models
-Horror atmosphere

Crysis - World - 1.0
The United States learn about a secret weapon that the Koreans have, which is expected to be nuclear and developed on the island! The USA fear that the Koreans will use this weapon on them and thus send troops to eliminate any threat of weapons.
You sail in on a submarine and land on the shore, after which you should clear the Koreans. There are 3 points (generally a sweep, so that the Marines do not have problems with the landing), find the armory, locate the Korean vessel and sink it).
When the Marines land, they will ambush the Koreans along a road that will be transporting the weapons to eliminate him! You stay with Psycho, build an antenna to contact airforce backup. You will engage the Koreans, and await the arrival of a VTOL which is carrying a weapon for you to pickup. Then you go to another VTOL, which you have to evacuate Marines from the island.
Here you are flying and suddenly strange sounds, then Nomad goes into a cave. You were in an ice field, where all the time fly any creature, and no signs of life! To be continued...
-Large single player map with lots of objectives.
-Lots of AI to kill and vehicles to use/destroy.
-Nice intro sequence with the arrival of the submarine to the island.
-Scraping beach.
-Undermining the crane for the sinking of the vessel.
-The attack on convoy.

Little war - 1.0
Small map with one mission and some portals.
-Easy to install
-Intense action
Size: 151.9MB
Downloads: 1,630
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