Doom 3 Map Pack #3
How to Install Maps:

Place the .pk4 to wherever your doom3/base folder is.
Load up the game and select the map from the multiplayer map list .

Included Maps:


Outerlimits (2.0)
This is fairly large map (4 to 16 players, 16 respawn points) taking place on a space station but a teleporter can also get you on the surface of a planet. Its geometry is tailored for multiplayer gameplay i.e. no useless detail in it and a special attention was brough to lighting and audio.

This is quite a cool and very detailed little MP map.It plays well and has fast action, and good item placement.The map is located in a factory like building, with doors ramps, and as i said alot of detail.

This is a training map designed to test out your basic and advanced jumping abilities (strafe jumps, spinning jumps etc). Not so easy unless you have played similar maps on Quake 3.

Complex (Goldeneye & Perfect Dark Versions)
This is a remake of the classic multiplayer map, Complex. There is both the original one from Goldeneye, and the slightly different Perfect Dark version. The only real difference between these maps and my version is the lighting and weapon placement.

D3DM Lit (1.0)
A doom 3 multiplayer map meant to bring back the feeling of quake 3 multiplayer. The rooms and halls are well lit and big! You can actually bunny hop and rocket jump! The map is small and intense. Remember kids If ya gots MADD STYLES YO ride THE RAIL! Word to ya mutha G!

Death For All
Small multiplayer map using the cave textures, good for up to four players. Plenty of weapons and carnage. Enjoy...

Dead Dust
For all of you that like playing the popular Half Life Modification Counter Strike, here is the map for you!
Its a remake of the map "Dust". I am told that it is a very acurate remake, I can't be judge of that, as I never played CS much!

Ghost Level 2 MP (Final)
The map is really large and can be used in larger LAN's up to 20 people , a large amount of textures was used and thats the main
reason the loading takes a few more seconds .

Spunky was under my command during the make of this map. -{SS}BRUTE FORCE

This map hasn't any story, step in and kill everything who's walking through your way smile. Cause the Doom MP has only place for max. 4 Players - this map isn't big. Planed places with weapons and items are making a hard deathmatch.

Single Player

Church of Ruins (1.1)
This SP map sets you near a church infested by demons. Its eerie ambience is convincing and succeeds to generate the same feeling of unease as in Doom 3. The same can be said about the scripted events: surprising!

Comm Center (1.0)
This is the third level of quake 2 created by Benjamin Pulido, have fun at it.

D1 - DOOM: Inferno
This is version 2 of David DOOMMANIAC Rinehart D1 map; no changes have been made with the exception that the non-boss cyberdemon is now in there.

Boneyard's Downward Spiral (1.04 beta)
This map takes place after Hell's Village, a map in upcoming DooM 3: Hell Awaits mini-Mod/Expansion issue 1. This map puts the player in a pit full of demons. The player must travel downward in the pit watching out for demons and traps.

Coeptus (v4 | beta)
This one is the Single-Player version!Coeptus will provide you with some intense SP action that we all long for, so wash your face and put on a clean pair of're about to earn your pay Marine!

A really well done singeplayer mapp by The Gman.

Crypt 2
The story goes as thus! A team of scientists went to study a recently uncovered Crypt! However after 2 days of them not being heard from, the authorities go in! Yet they mysteriously disapear! Everyone is too afraid to go in and look to see what happened, But not you! a lone marine sent on a mission to uncover the truth of the disappearances! As you enter the crypt the metal gate slams behind you and wont open! You must now fight your way to freedom! Many undead and demons will try to stop you, but if you play your cards right you may just survive!

Crusher (1.0)
This is another demon packed map by Benjamin.

Caverns, area 3 (1.0)
It boasts size, good textures, and a thrilling mission: "Investigate the cavens area, and fend of the attacking demons from hell"!

Bosses (icon of sin) (1.0)
Benjamin Pulido has dropped off another map for us to play with! This map is called "Bosses" or "Icon of Sin".

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